· October, 2007

Stories about Argentina from October, 2007

Argentina: Kirchner Wins Apathetic Election

  31 October 2007

Cristina Kirchner, the wife of outgoing Argentina president Nestor Kirchner, captured 45% of the vote in last Sunday's election and avoided a run-off election. However, many bloggers indicate that this was an election that was met with apathy leading up to the vote, but some reacted to the results and some usual problems that take place on election days.

Argentina: Did She Win Already?

  28 October 2007

El Opinador Compulsivo [ES] thinks that the election of Cristina Kirchner as President of Argentina is merely a formality and why the country “takes the trouble and cost to organize an election.”

Argentina: Maradonic News

  24 October 2007

GoodAirs writes two quick “pieces of Maradonic news” including a Mexican couple getting married in the Diego Maradona Church, a day before his birthday.

Argentina: Wordcamp in Buenos Aires

  19 October 2007

On October 31, Wordcamp 2007 [ES] will be held and is “a conference for users and developers of WordPress; covering topics that will help you blog, know your audience and meet other bloggers.

Argentina: Candidate and Web 2.0

  19 October 2007

Pablo Mancini [ES] writes about candidate for provincial governor Francisco de Navárez and his use of Flickr, Del.icio.us, Picasa, Odeo, Soapbox, YouTube, and now Second Life to reach potential voters.

Americas: The Kick Off for World Cup Qualifiers

  17 October 2007

The road to the World Cup South Africa 2010 began this past weekend in South America. The Global Voices Latin American team joined forces to bring you reactions from across the continent as some teams marked surprising victories, while others felt the sour taste of defeat.

Argentina: Rosario Blog Day

  16 October 2007

Rosario Blog Day [ES] is scheduled for November 9th at the Centro de Expresiones Contemporáneas in Rosario, Argentina and whose aim is to “generate spaces for exchange and conversations regarding knowledge, ideas and initiatives related to the social internet or web 2.0.”

Argentina: Córdoba Blogs

  15 October 2007

Córdoba Weblogs [ES] is a project aimed at collecting different blogs from the Argentine city. In less than 48 hours, the site has listed 29 blogs.

Argentina: The Trouble With Trains

  12 October 2007

Train travel in Argentina, whether it is long-distance, regional or local, seems to attract plenty of complaints from users. At times, many of these gripes never make it to managers, who have the ability to make changes. Lately a series of blogs have been created aimed at providing platforms for users and employees to air their complaints and share experiences about these transit systems. Special guest writer Alejandro Lezcano tooks a look at some of these Argentina transportation blogs.

Americas: Argentina and Chile Face Off in Second Life

  11 October 2007

The national football teams of Chile and Argentina will square off on October 13 for the World Cup qualifiers. However, El Opinador Compulsivo [ES] was onhand to witness the Second Life Chilean and Argentine communities face off in their own football match.

Argentina: Taxi Driver Tricks of the Trade

  11 October 2007

Juan Pablo Meneses protects the identity of a Buenos Aires taxi driver, who he interviewed for the latest article of Cronicas Argentinas [ES]. The cabbie reveals several tricks of the trade used to cheat unsuspecting victims, especially foreign tourists.

Argentina: Prices for Vegetables Drastically Increase

  5 October 2007

A vegetable crisis has hit Argentina, as the price of tomatoes has drastically increased, “As such, they have become luxury items. The classic side salad of lettuce & tomato is now pricier than the main dish (meat) it was meant to accompany,” writes the blog Good Airs.