· May, 2007

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from May, 2007

Hong Kong: Take it to the UN!

  31 May 2007

A new blog called, take it to the UN, has been set up to file the complaint of the recent censorship cases by the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority (TELA) to the Committees of Human Right Council of United Nation.

Hong Kong: Migration of Websites

  30 May 2007

Duke of Aberdeen comments on the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority's advice of the suspected “indecent” photo at inmediahk.net, and points out that one of the consequence is a migration wave of website hosting out of Hong Kong as the government is targeting on local ISP and BSP (zh).

Hong Kong: Censorship Bureaucrats

  30 May 2007

Roland Snoog has translated the article from Inmediahk.net on the author's encounter with the staff from the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority (TELA) who gave an “advice” to the website to remove a nude photo. See also ESWN

Hong Kong: A Mall in Central

  29 May 2007

Chia ching, a mainland Chinese reporter, wrote in her blog that IFC (international financial center) is a mall in central Hong Kong (zh). It has been raining for at least 4 hours and the workers have been standing and working outside the mall for 4 hours, drying the floor which...

Hong Kong: Remixing Government Propaganda Song

  28 May 2007

Plastichk has remixed the Hong Kong government Propaganda Song (zh) for the 10 years anniversary of re-unification of Hong Kong to China. It is a mockery to the recent comments by Pro-China Party Chair, Ma Lik's comment on June 4. The two days hit rates from youtube is two times...

Hong Kong: Flickr photo got warned

  28 May 2007

Inmediahk.net's editor (it is me) got a warning phone call from Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority about a filed complaint to a photo sharing link to flickr. The Authority advised the website to take down the photo or fix a pop-up warning message. The author (which is me again) of...

Hong Kong: Free Culture Foundation

  28 May 2007

Hong Kong In-Media has announced the launching of free culture foundation to defend internet free speech space last weekend. The foundation is to provide legal, finanical and organizing assistances to individual and organization.

Hong Kong and China: June 4 massacre

  21 May 2007

Imagethief has a reading of a pro-China political party's chairperson, Ma Lik's comment about June 4 massacre: Ma Lik wants not only to redefine the language that is used to describe the Tiananmen Square events, but that he wants to institutionalize that redefinition as a pre-requisite for universal suffrage in...

Hong Kong: B.T. piracy case appeal rejected

  21 May 2007

The Court of Final Appeal dismissed the appeal of Chan Nai-ming, who had been convicted and sentenced to three months’ jail for uploading infringing movies to the Internet by using the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file-sharing program. Charles Mok comments that even some individuals have abused the technology, the direction of prosecution...

Hong Kong: Indecent Google Link

  21 May 2007

Because of the recent debate about the ruling of Obscene Article Tribunal in Hong Kong, the mainstream media found out that the Tribunal had once ruled a Google search hyperlink to an online novel which depicted violent acts as category II indecent article. Charles Mok questioned (zh) the credibility of...

Hong Kong: judicial independence with a special Hong Kong characteristic?

  21 May 2007

ESWN put together information, mainstream news reports and blogpost that investigate the accountability of the Hong Kong Obscene Articles Tribunal and found out that the so-called judicial independence of the Tribunal is highly questionable: the adjudicators are self-selected volunteers and they are giving interview with the mainstream media on the...

Hong Kong: From Indecent Student Magazine to Indecent Bible

  20 May 2007

The campaign against the Bible was started by an anonymous website, truthbible, on 15 of May to protest against the Obscene Articles Tribunal's (OAT) internim ruling that two issues of Chinese University's student paper were indecent. Uptill now, the website has received 2041 complaints, while the Television and Entertainment Licensing...

China: Xiamen University

  18 May 2007

Rosu writes about a recent signature campaign by experts and professors in Xiamen university to stop a grand polluted project in Xiamen. Even though it is yet to know the result of the campaign, the writer concluded that [zh] “When local government's power overrules public opinion, one person's fever would...

Hong Kong: Indecent bible?

  17 May 2007

Upon the Obscene Articles Tribunal issued the ruling on Chinese University publication “CU Student Press” as second class “indecent” material, local netizen launched a campaign to the Television and Entertainments Licensing Authority (Tela) to complain on the indecency of Bible. Uptill now, there are more than 1,000 complaints being sent.

Hong Kong: I am CU person

  15 May 2007

YIN blogs about her feelings of being a Chinese University graduate [zh] in the midst of the student press erotic page scandal: for 10 years I have been studying and working in the University, I felt so disappointed about the school administration; however, I am so proud of the students...

Hong Kong: PLA berth at City Center

  14 May 2007

I have written up a citizen report on the PLA berth plan at the new central harbour front at interlocals.net: It is not that we are opposed to the PLA berth, but the symbolism of having PLA berth at Central waterfront is very bad. Central as a political and financial...

Hong Kong: Guilty for Hyperlink and for Sex Talk

  11 May 2007

The Hong Kong government is encouraging family to have three babies, at the same time, it is so keen on censoring away information concerning sex. Of course sex is not all about giving birth, but how can we have babies without sex? Guess the government will advocate test tube babies...