· December, 2006

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from December, 2006

China: Ping…ping…pfft

  27 December 2006

The earthquake near Taiwan last night which snapped six underwater internet cables, seems to have left a large part of Asia, particularly the Northeast, struggling for an internet fix. Those with internet censorship circumvention tools (proxies) already installed on their computers seem to be doing a little better, but for...

China: Nary Xmas?

  23 December 2006

A group of PhD students at several of China's biggest and best universities came together last week to release a letter calling for Chinese to boycott Christmas—a holiday they see as representing waning interest in traditional Chinese culture—and all the rest of non-native cultural trends. Presumably not a very popular...

Hong Kong: experienced journalists become PR

  21 December 2006

Mo's notebook blogs about the resignation of three senior reporters in a major TV station in Hong Kong (TVB). He notices that many good reporters have left the media industry and tranfered the public relation field instead because of the poor media environment (zh).

Hong Kong: Star ferry protest

  13 December 2006

The protest for preserving Star Ferry has been on going for two days. Protesters had occupied the ferry for stopping the demolition until the police cleared the scene today (Dec 13) afternoon. Inmediahk.net has the most detailed citizen report since last night: including 1. whole town chasing after Michael Sun...

Hong Kong: media promotion fee?

  6 December 2006

An anonymous blogger doctor report blogged an open letter to the Civic Party concerning the political campaign for election of Chief executives (zh) and there is a list of “media promotion fee”: Apple Daily: HK$ 50,000 (discounted); Ming Pao: HK$ 80,000 (discounted); South China Morning Post: HK$ 189,379 (to be...

Hong Kong: Social forum

  4 December 2006

Hong Kong civil society is having its first social forum this week, a series of pre-conference citizen reports about grassroots workers conditions, migrant domestic workers (zh), gay and lesbian movement (zh), corprate social responsibility issues (zh), etc can be found online at inmediahk.net (zh).