· November, 2010

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from November, 2010

Hong Kong and China: Cross-border shopping

  10 November 2010

George Chen points out that with the inflation in China, many mainland Chinese travel to Hong Kong to buy daily necessity product over the weekend as the price is much cheaper.

Hong Kong: Community Care or Collusion?

  8 November 2010

Webb comments on the Hong Kong government's proposal in setting up a community care fund. So far, the community receives it negatively as its objective is unclear. Webb believes that it is designed for community collusion rather than care.

Philippines: Labor attaché earns Filipino migrant community's ire

  3 November 2010

Instead of helping a victim of illegal termination, the Philippine labor attaché scolded a migrant worker when the latter sought help from the Philippine consulate in Hong Kong. Unfortunately for the attaché, the worker was able to record her traumatic encounter and posted this in YouTube.