· January, 2007

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from January, 2007

Hong Kong: Impartial rule or discrimination?

  24 January 2007

難道同性戀的傾向是高度傳染的病菌?就連看一看也會受感染? Is homosexuality a kind of contagious virus? And that by watching it on T.V and one would be infected? — Jovisky One Jan 20, the Broadcasting Authority (BA) issued a strong advice concerning RTHK’s television programme “Hong Kong Connection”(鏗鏘集). There were very strong reactions from the local blogsphere against...

Hong Kong: monitoring blog's background music

  23 January 2007

IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industry (Hong Kong) decided to have 24 hours monitoring local blogs’ background music against copyrights infringement. The issue raised concerns from local bloggers. However, many bloggers commented that(zh) such action was a waste of resources and eventually bad for the business.

Hong Kong: warning against homosexual program

  21 January 2007

The Television and Entertainment licensing authority issued a warning to Radio and Television Broadcast Hong Kong regarding a TV program on homosexual love and marriage. The chief of Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau immediately demanded to meet with the head of RTHK. Many citizens and netizens, including Mo at inmediahk.net...

Hong Kong: doraemons fans’ websites forced to closed down

  21 January 2007

Animation International issued legal document and demanded the closed down of non-profitable cartoon fans’ website in Hong Kong. All of them are run by Japanese cartoon figure doraemons’ fans: doraemons.dorafans.com, search.dorafans.com, keithyuen.dorafans.com, news.dorafans.com, www.dorafans.com

Hong Kong: lawsuit against single mother heroine

  10 January 2007

The police decides to charge the single mother heroine, Ho Loy, who has been protesting against the star ferry pier demolition, of possession of weapon (a cutter) and criminal damage (the cutting of cloth surrounding the construction site). inmediahk.net has the most recent update with eyewitness comments (zh).

Hong Kong and China: Days without internet and the world is not flat

  2 January 2007

Because of the earthquake in southern sea of Taiwan on 26 of December, 2006, two major internet cables in the Pacific Ocean have been broken (details see Andrew Lih). Hong Kong is a major affected areas and many bloggers and internet users are forced to live through a few days...