· January, 2008

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from January, 2008

Hong Kong: Party Politics

  31 January 2008

Despite the fact that people are in general cynical about political party, legislator Tsang Yok Shing predicts that the 2017 timetable for universal suffrage will bring party politics to the peak (zh).

Hong Kong: Retraining 15 Years Old?

  25 January 2008

Fai Mao criticizes the Employees Retraining program which exploits foreign domestic workers by imposing an unreasonable tax for local workers’ retaining. Now the program plans to retrain 15 years old youth.

Hong Kong: Citizens Radio's Courtcase

  23 January 2008

Daisanna blogs about the civil disobedience culture and the recent High court's decision (on Monday) to deny the Hong Kong justice department's request for an extension of the civil injunction banning Citizens Radio from the airwaves.

Hong Kong: Creative Commons Landing

  23 January 2008

Yusuf Goolamabbas from outblaze has interviewed Joi Ito and Pindar Wong (Chairman of the Asia & Pacific Internet Association and co-founder of the first licensed ISP in Hong Kong) about Creative Commons and its relevance to Hong Kong. A local version of creative commons license has been drafted. It will...

Hong Kong: Facebook Cooling Down

  23 January 2008

Moliuology finds that after a few months of facebook heat, it is now cooling down. There are too many friends, too many applications and too many invitations that people start to ignore the notices (zh).

Hong Kong: Save the Stock Market?

  23 January 2008

Yesterday the Hang Seng Index suffered its biggest one-day fall, some suggested that the government should save the stock market by buying in. Diumanpark responds by asking “are you willing to give 90% of your profit to the government when you win in the stock market?” (zh)

Hong Kong: Strawberry Kids

  22 January 2008

Duimanpark comments on a recent suicide committed by a nine-year old kid because he only has 80 mark in school test. The blogger is worried about the emerge of strawberry kid phenomena. It refers to too protective and fragile kids who are not able to withstand any pressure (zh).

Hong Kong: Worker Union is Equal to Triad?

  21 January 2008

A district councilor Raymond Ho commented, in an internet video show, on a local artist Eason Chan's urge for the establishment of trade union for creative workers by saying that worker union is equal to triad society. Sidekick points out that local worker unions should demand an open apology from...

China and Hong Kong: Jet Li on Patriotism

  17 January 2008

Diumanpark blogs the transcript of famous actor Li Lianjie or Jet Li's T.V interview, in particular his view about patriotism. To Jet, independent thinking is most crucial (zh).

Hong Kong: Political Surrenderer

  17 January 2008

ESWN translated an article from Wong Onyin, an internet radio host, about the mission of Anson Chan, an icon of democracy in Hong Kong, as a political surrenderer (the giving up of universal suffrage in 2012). Wong's analysis is hated by both pan democratic alliance and the pro-establishment and seldom...

Hong Kong: Massive Contempt of Standing Committe of NPC

  15 January 2008

The Department of Justice sues the civic radio for contempt of court by violating the restraining notice. Erynnyes said the Jan 13 rally for 2012 universal suffrage is a massive contempt of standing committee of National people congress which had rejected the 2012 time table (zh).

Hong Kong: Rally For 2012 Universal Suffrage

  10 January 2008

On the coming Sunday, the Pan democrats are mobilizing a rally for 2012 universal suffrage and say no to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress's denial of Hong Kong people's wish for democracy. A facebook event page has been set up and a video “We are ready for...

Hong Kong: Save Lung Mei

  8 January 2008

A new blog has been set up to save a piece of wetland in Hong Kong (zh). The government planned to spend HKD130 million to build an artificial beach in Lung Mei, a natural piece of wetland in Taipo. Netizens organized a signature campaign and produced some videos against such...

Hong Kong: 2007 Roundup in Politics

  2 January 2008

Erynnyes wrote a 2007 roundup in Hong Kong politics (zh): the small circle election of Chief Executive, the waterloo of pan democratic alliance in district council election, the pass away of Ma Lik, the Chair of DAB, Anson Chan winning the Legislative council by-election, the deferral of universal suffrage of...

Hong Kong: Hottest Blog Topic: OAT

  2 January 2008

According to the poll done by Ben Ng, a first rate blogger in Hong Kong, the Obscene Article Tribunal classification in various cases has become the hottest blog topic in Hong Kong in 2007 (much more than the election of Chief Executive). Last year, the hottest is Uncle Bus.

Hong Kong and China: Labour Rights

  2 January 2008

Fons from China Herald notices the change of attitude in China Labour Bulletin with the All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU). It seems that the Han Dong Fang is prepared to work with the Chinese official union on labour rights.