· August, 2010

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from August, 2010

Taiwan: Let’s go poking around under the rock of ECFA

  24 August 2010

The Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) between Taiwan and China was signed. The process seems smooth and efficient at the surface, but the story is not simple. Many Taiwanese have poked around under the rock of ECFA and ask their government why.

Hong Kong: Transparency on filtering

  23 August 2010

Hong Kong Government Chief Information Officer, Jeremy Godfrey, has opened a twitter account @HKGCIO and he is discussing with @daaitoulaam regarding transparency on filtering.

Hong Kong: Policemen Issued Threats On Facebook

  20 August 2010

Two policemen wrote in Facebook that they would shoot, Amina, the cop-slapper. Upon investigation, they have been assigned to desk duty and not allowed to carry firearms. However, similar threats made by ordinary citizen had ended up in court with criminal charges. (more from ESWN)

China: Visa tales

  8 August 2010

With all the economic growth in China over the past few decades and a growing number of global travelers to match, have visa requirements for Chinese citizens been adapting in step? Well-heeled journalist Chen Zikun shares his experiences, see if or how any of them compare to yours.

Hong Kong: Cop-slapper

  6 August 2010

Webb explains a recent cop-slapper scandal in Hong Kong. A woman cop-slapper with good family background received a 8000 dollar fine in her third conviction, while in another similar case, a guy was put into jail in his frist conviction.

Hong Kong and China: Support Cantonese action

  3 August 2010

Michelle from interlocals translated an article explaining how citizens from Hong Kong and Guangzhou have informed each other in their civic action, such as the most recent cross border action in supporting Cantonese.