· June, 2007

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from June, 2007

Hong Kong: Media's sense of responsibility is growing?

  28 June 2007

Joel Martinsen from DANWEI translated the Beijing News’ interview with Zhang Guoliang, head of Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po (文汇报), about the changes to Hong Kong's press environment. In the interview, Zhang claimed that “Hong Kong media's sense of responsibility is growing”. However, earlier this year, a survey by Hong...

Hong Kong: 10 years

  27 June 2007

Lu Qui Lu-wei from 1510 wrote about her experience in Hong Kong for the past 10 years as a professional new immigrant from China (zh).

Hong Kong: Political painting

  26 June 2007

Imagethief picked up a political painting to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the 1997 hand-over of sovereignty and compared it with some other propaganda paintings: In the segment I can see, he (President Hu) is the only person who's body is completely unobstructed. He has the greatest amount of negative...

Hong Kong: Migrant workers support pier preservation

  26 June 2007

Hoidick from inmediahk.net reported on a survey on migrant workers’ opinion towards public space at Central, especially near the city hall and Queen's pier: Given that Queen’s Pier (and also City Hall and Star Ferry) is so important to the Filipino/as’ community as an irreplaceable ‘home away from home’, it...

Hong Kong: The Absence of Decolonalization

  22 June 2007

Leung Man Tao from inmediahk.net discussed why decolonalization hadn't been an agenda since the reunification of Hong Kong with China: Under the principle of “One country Two System” and “50 years Unchange”, the political system in Hong Kong has inherited everything from the colonial Hong Kong. The decolonialization of Hong...

Hong Kong: Internet Marketing

  22 June 2007

Sidekick writes about the effect of internet marketing in promoting a TV serie “Heart of Greed”, however much of the youtube video clips have been taken down because of the complaints made by the TV company: If so, then it would seem that TVB still does not get Internet marketing...

Hong Kong: Light Pollution

  20 June 2007

Chu zai from inmediahk.net criticized the light show in the Victoria Harbour for creating light pollution as the excessive lighting would create more carbon dioxide (zh).

Hong Kong: Defending plagiarism

  19 June 2007

A blogger's commentary on a comic had been plagiarized by a popular local magazine. An apology would have ended the issue. However, the editor's attempt to defend plagiarism has resulted in more outraging responses from the blogsphere. ESWN has translated the conversation between the blogger and the editor. The original...

China: Zhongshan court decides case under Hong Kong law

  15 June 2007

In settling a contract dispute between a Hong Kong company and a local counterpart, the Intermediate Court of Zhongshan City in Guangdong Province settled the case according to Hong Kong law. Chinese Law Prof blog asked whether similar practice had happened before.

Hong Kong: 18 Housing right activists arrested

  14 June 2007

18 housing right activists demonstrated in the Legislative council against the abolition of law that control the ratio of public housing rent to 10% of family income median. The meeting was disrupted for 5 mins. Protesters were arrested and detained until 2:30am. Plato from inmediahk.net has a citizen report on...

Hong Kong: Queen's Pier Preservation Action Elevated

  13 June 2007

Yesterday, a ritualistic demonstration took place at the Queen's pier to show people's determination in preserving the pier via civil disobedient act. Chong from interlocals.net translated the statement by preservation activists. A Chinese version can be found at inmediahk.net.

Hong Kong: Citizen VS Developer

  13 June 2007

Chui Lu-wei reports on my 1510 about the aution of a piece of land in West Kowloon seaside. A local citizen applied for judicial review against the construction of screen buildings in the area as that piece of land provide the only channel for sea wind to enter old district...

Hong Kong: Degrading Technology

  12 June 2007

Hong Kong government is undergoing restructuring in its policy departments. The Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau will change into Business and Economic Development Bureau. Charles Mok points out that the government is degrading the significance of technology in Hong Kong (zh).

Hong Kong: The Fall

  8 June 2007

Fongyun describes the recent comment of Wu Bangguo, chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, on Hong Kong's autonomy as “the Fall of Hong Kong”. As the Central government has already given autonomy to Hong Kong through the Basic Law, Wu's comment in reaffirming Central government say in Hong Kong politics...

Hong Kong: Save Wikipedia Declaration

  8 June 2007

Tiney protested in his blog against the Chinese Wikipedia policy in deleting items because of “lack of popularity / significance” (zh). The debate is triggered from the debate about an item on “Fuk-guy always have yours” (a popular video spoofing Hong Kong government's propaganda video “Hong Kong always have yours”.

Hong Kong: Art Painting Removed in University

  7 June 2007

This is probably the reason why Hong Kong can never be successful in creativity. Byran blogs an incident that a painting by one of the Master of Fine Art (MFA) student was forced to remove by the school administration because nudity is a problem. You can check out the painting...

Hong Kong: Eight Housing Right Protesters Arrested

  5 June 2007

Eight housing right protesters were arrested from in the past three days. Plato who has been a researcher on housing right issue in Hong Kong for three years, changed his objective role and acted as a citizen reporter because he was outraged by the government official's arrogance and police selective...

Hong Kong: Imprisonment for 4 letter word

  4 June 2007

The merged railway company has some new regulations, such as speaking four letter word in the carte may end up in 6 months imprisonment. As the definition would include a single word f–k in expression, Kursk points out that such law would be a criminal law that affects the largest...

Hong Kong and China: June 4, 18 Years Later

  4 June 2007

For 18 years, Hong Kong people have been insisting to join the candle night vigil in Victoria Park in memory of June 4 Massacre in 1989. This year, probably more people would come out to rescue the history. The controversy lies in the commentary of Ma Lik, the Chair person...