· July, 2006

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from July, 2006

Hong Kong: Richard Li

  30 July 2006

Martinoe comments that even though Richard Li (Tycoon Lee Kar-shing's son) is able to purchase the liberal intellectual Chinese newspapers, Hong Kong Economic Journal, some young progressive columnists will probably leave and the original readers community won't be the same anymore.

Hong Kong: Book exhibition

  27 July 2006

Many bloggers in Hong Kong blog about book exhibition. Henry porter criticizes book exhibition this year become even more “vulgar”. Because of the crowd, the host has to urge people to leave the exhibition center as soon as possible; so how can people choose their books? (zh). Thomas describes the...

Hong Kong:

  24 July 2006

Yeahayeah blogs about the demonstration against Israelis bombing in Lebanon in Hong Kong (zh).

Hong Kong: goodbye Suzie Wong

  24 July 2006

The romance of Suzie Wong takes place in Hong Kong, an classic scence is in Star ferry pier, Central. Hong Kong government is now planning to demolish the pier. Diumanpark criticizes the government of such acts in his blog post: goodbye Suzie Wong (zh) and urges people to sign up...

Hong Kong: learning from parent

  24 July 2006

ESWN translates a blogpost from learned friend on how children are being influenced by their parent in racial stereotype. “To the parents of the children — how do you teach your children!“

Hong Kong: Tree policy

  23 July 2006

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has been trying to upgrade their campus to international standard by large scale construction; and hundreds of trees in the campus are at stake. Yeahayeah in between psychosis and hysteria criticizes the university administration body and the Hong Kong government in their “management” rationality...

Hong Kong: youth Ambassador Against Internet Piracy

  23 July 2006

Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department has been recruiting 9-25 years old youths to become “youth ambassador against internet privacy” against BT activities. The project is initially launched in Feburary 2006 and until now 1200 BT websites have been closed and 99 persons have been arrested (zh). Ben Ng has...

Hong Kong: Anson Chan

  20 July 2006

After the July 1 rally, Anson Chan continued to promote democratic reform in Hong Kong. T-salon puts together her speech on discourses on Hong Kong's Democracy and Financial Times comment on her recent move.

Hong Kong: Consumption tax

  19 July 2006

The Hong Kong government plans to introduce consumption tax in Hong Kong. Ben Ng goes through the Japan experience in consumption tax and raises his voice against this tax item, calling it “candy poison”.

Hong Kong: patriotic education

  16 July 2006

The Voyager discusses a news headline in a Hong Kong newspapers: Cutter Youth: No Regrets For Anti-Japanese / Nine Intimidation Letters; Fanatically Patriotic Heart. The news is about a youth threatened Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe with death if he visited the Yasukuni Shrine. The writer then comments that...

Hong Kong: African Uncle

  13 July 2006

The Bus Uncle incident started to die down in Hong Kong, then an African Uncle popped up in the mainstream media. The big white guy discusses whether or not the disputes on the bus was related with racism.

Hong Kong: PCCW

  13 July 2006

Richard Li sold out PCCW, the biggest telecom in Hong Kong on July 11 to a pro China Hong Kong based Businessman, Francis Leung. After this contraversal move, he is now planning to buy a local Chinese newspapers, Hong Kong economic journal. Florence in Over the Rainbow blogs about her...

China: Taste in reading

  6 July 2006

jxhill disusses the difference in the taste in reading among mainland Chinese, Honghongese and Taiwanese. Taiwan is most diversified among the three; Hong Kong is too commercialized; while mainland China has a great potential in further development (zh).

Hong Kong: Choosing leader

  6 July 2006

Miss Lee in Summer discusses why one is forced to choose a leader from among Donald Tsang, Anson Chan and Regina Ip, all of them were key official in the government before the handover of Hong Kong to China (zh). ESWN has a partial translation of what she wrote.

Hong Kong: What will make a newspaper special?

  6 July 2006

“So what will make a newspaper special? The content, the specific content, and the breaking content. That will make people curious to know the “new” thing from the newspaper, not the thing already given in the press release, not the repeating of the stock market annoucement.” Amy in Amy in...

Hong Kong: activists gathering in Guangzhou

  6 July 2006

Sunfai blogs about an activist gathering in Guangzhou and discusses the differences among foreign, Hong Kong and China activists. He comments that whenever foreigners showed their concerns about China, the nature of the issue was usually shifted or deviated; while Hong Kong activists continued to act like comprador between western...

Japan and Hong Kong: Free use logo

  4 July 2006

Ben Ng blogs about the free use practice and logo in Japan and hope that Hong Kong can take the experience from Japan to balance between intellectual property rights and sharing of knowledges (zh).

Hong Kong: July 1

  4 July 2006

A citizen reporter from Taiwan blogs about his experience on the July 1st demonstration this year in InMediaHK. The writer has joined the July 1st rally for three years hoping to find out what is the meaning of citizen movement in Hong Kong and the substance of local social movement...