· March, 2012

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from March, 2012

Hong Kong: Citizens Say No to Undemocratic City Mayor Election

  29 March 2012

Among the 1,200 Hong Kong Chief Executive Election Committee members, 689 elected Leung Chun-ying to be Hong Kong's next city mayor on March 25. When the result was released, thousands of demonstrators protested against Beijing's manipulation of the election process.

Hong Kong: Indie Music Made Illegal by Contradictory Policies

  19 March 2012

Contradictory to the government's policy in the development of the cultural and creative industries in Hong Kong, autonomous indie music venues and performances have become targets for harassment by a number of government departments, including the police force.

Hong Kong, China: Poems on Ugliness

  8 March 2012

A poem on “Hong Kong – an Ugly City” from an University student has inspired Hong Kong netizens to write their own poems, such as “China – an ugly country” and “China – a Pathetic Country”.