· November, 2007

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from November, 2007

Hong Kong: Inspired by Nude Photos?

  30 November 2007

Recently the Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang visited Beijing “798 Art District” and saw the exhibition of huge nude photos. He said he was inspired and had more expectation for the future west Kowloon cultural district. Hymnkee wonders if people kept complaining about nude arts, how can such inspiration...

China: New Idiom

  29 November 2007

Doublleaf suggests a new idiom “Zheng Long Pai Hu” (zh). Its literal meaning is Zheng Long taking the tiger photo and its extended meaning is someone doing forgery for interest group to cheat the public. Even the case is exposed the person still insists the forgery is the truth.

Hong Kong: Animal Reproduction Right?

  28 November 2007

The Hong Kong government recently introduced a new regulation which requires animal breeders to have proper license. Some breeders protested that animal should have reproduction right and the license is against such right. Cheung yun-ling argued at inmediahk.net that the regulation is targeting at human who has already intervened into...

China: Labour Activist Assaulted for Promoting Labour Contract Law

  27 November 2007

A woman labour activist in Shenzhen was stabbed and seriously injured by two criminals, the labour center has been active in promoting the to be implemented labour contract law in recent month. – interlocals.net has a full translation of the incident and civic groups appeal.

Hong Kong: Political Mob

  26 November 2007

During the district council election, civil party candidate Mandy Tam was surrounded and detained for 45 minutes by supporters of her political opponent, Choi Luk-sing, in Wong Tai Sin district. She decided to file a case against the violent act. The chaotic scene has been uploaded in youtube.

Hong Kong: Street Market Festival

  22 November 2007

The last open space wet market in Central Hong Kong is about to vanish because of urban development. Citizen reporter gumpz reports on the recent street market festival for saving the space. He also pointed out that under the existing urban redevelopment plan, with the rise in office and commercial...

Hong Kong: Pan Democrats’ Dark Day

  20 November 2007

The Pan democrats have lost a bitter battle in the recent district council election. Before the election, the pan-dem worried that they wouldn’t be able to keep all their seats and tried to explain the situation by predicting a low voting rate. The final result is worse than they have...

Hong Kong: Waterloo for Pan-dem

  19 November 2007

Yesterday was the district council election day in Hong Kong. The pro establishment party Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong has won 115 seats, while the pan democratic clan has lost one third of their seat. Erynnyes describes yesterday as the darkest day for the pan-dem.

Hong Kong: Uwants

  16 November 2007

Poon Wai Hang blogs about the most popular internet forum in Hong Kong, Uwants (zh). It ranks second among traditional Chinese language webistes, however, the sources of income are very limited.

Hong Kong: District Council Election

  14 November 2007

Roland compares and analyzes the background and policy advocacy of the district council election candidates in his district. Can get a glimpse of the election culture in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong: Inflation

  12 November 2007

Wong On-yin took out the toothpaste and milk powder he bought one year ago and compared with the present price. The picture showed that the inflation is 10% within one year, however, the salary of the poor hasn't increased in the past 10 years (zh).

Hong Kong: Batman and Foreign Power

  12 November 2007

While Martin Lee was criticized as traitor because of his article in Wall Street Journal, diumanpark pointed out that Hong Kong people always welcomed foreign power, and in fact the government has been actively invited foreign power to enter Hong Kong, such as Disneyland and Batman (zh).

Hong Kong: An Interview with a Clinical Psychologist

  8 November 2007

Willsin blogs about his interview with a clinical psychologist [zh]. Upon knowing the blogger had depression and suicidal tendency, the psychologist said he would contact his family to prevent him from suicide. And the blogger criticized the psychologist for violating the trust relation.

Hong Kong and Macau: Prosperity on the Sand

  8 November 2007

Erynnyes comments about the political environment in Macau. The blogger said that the city's prosperity has been built on a sandy ground where the dissent voices are repressed and the government is corrupted [zh].

Hong Kong: Illegal 14K Design

  6 November 2007

On November 1, 2007, Hong Kong Police force took action against a local household design chain store, G.O.D (Goods of Desire), confiscated 88 T-shirt with a “14K” logo and arrested 17 people, some were designers and some were shop keepers. The police claimed that they were in possession of triad...