· September, 2006

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from September, 2006

Singapore and Hong Kong: ban FEER

  29 September 2006

The Far Eastern Economic Review's editor blogs about the decision of singapore government to ban the magazine: “It has explicitly warned that not only is the Review Publishing Company forbidden from importing or distributing the Hong Kong-based monthly, but Singaporeans will also commit a criminal offense if they import or...

Hong Kong: urban renewal

  29 September 2006

Chong at interlocals.net translates a citizen report on a urban renewal project in a poor district in Hong Kong: “There are more poor people than the rich in Hong Kong. But why the rich need to come to Kwun Tong downtown, even though they already have the whole Hong Kong...

Hong Kong: GP batteries sues labour groups

  27 September 2006

A citizen journalist report at interlocals.net on a transnational corporation's legal action against labour groups to stop them from exposing the heavy metal poisoning situation in their production line in China and Hong Kong.

Hong Kong: blog as education tool

  26 September 2006

A survey found 73% high school students are bloggers but some secondary schools prohibit students from blogging. Local blogger, He Gu was interviewed by local newspapers concerning blogger culture: Knowing that some secondary schools have prohibited students to write blog, we can see another example that the development of technology...

Hong Kong: GWF investigation

  25 September 2006

The Internet Society Hong Kong has carried out an investigation on the suspected blocking of ntscmp.com website by Nevigator and HGC; Charles Mok blogs the findings: we cannot find any evidence of a block imposed by the accused ISPs on the website in question. Connections from these ISPs to the...

Hong Kong: GFW in HK?

  21 September 2006

Soon after Mister Bijou blogged about the suspected case of PCCW (the biggest telecom in HK and ISP netvigator) filtering out not the south china morning post website. The issue was taken up by ESWN and spread to local blogsphere, and bloggers started to do their own testing and there...

Hong Kong: internet censorship

  20 September 2006

An alert posted by Mister Bijou on PCCW (biggest telecom in HK and ISP netvigator) decision to filter out a website called ntscmp. ESWN picks up the story and urges Hong Kong blogger to test the filtering.

Hong Kong:911

  13 September 2006

Chong in inmediahk.net writes about the spread of the sense of insecurity after 911, to the extent that when thousands of people died in Middle East, we lost our feeling and empathy(zh).

Hong Kong: privacy dispute

  7 September 2006

ESWN translates three controversial articles in defense of EasyFinder's position of refusing to apologize for pop song singer Gillian Chung backstage photographs.

China and Hong Kong: Water pollution

  5 September 2006

Sunfai comments on the T.V news feature on water pollution in Dongjiang (Guangdong province), the river is the source of Hong Kong fresh water. The blogger says that there is a repeated formular in environmental news in Hong Kong: blaming China for everything. However, as a city with 7 millions...

China and Hong Kong: foreign blogger

  5 September 2006

Richard in Peking Duck raises a question concerning the suspected Sex and Shanghai hoax: Are the BBS forums in China really erupting in flames over the dastardly foreigner, or is this a false image that somehow got reported as gospel, and then got blown up out of all proportion by...

China and Hong Kong: Ching Cheong Verdict

  4 September 2006

Joel Martinsen from DANWEI translates the whole text of Ching Cheong Verdict into English. The Chinese Verdict is published by Singtaonet.com as an exclusive document.

Global Food Blog Report #30

  3 September 2006

#1: From Navarra, Spain, Garbancita (ES) shows off with a delectable "Mermelada de Cebolla" (Onion Marmalade). According to the creator, it is amazingly easy to prepare and it is delicious served with foie. She prepared it two months ago and brought it along with the biggest foie she found, as...