· February, 2008

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from February, 2008

Hong Kong: The Invisible Class

  28 February 2008

Henry porter comments on the newly released government budget report and points out the existence of an “invisible class”. Under the “winner takes the most, loser takes the rest” logic, the invisible class takes nothing (zh).

Hong Kong: The Death of a Bookseller

  25 February 2008

Law Chi Wah, a well known independent book store owner in Hong Kong, was killed by the collapsing book boxes in his small warehouse before Lunar New Years. His body was found two weeks later, already rotten. Douban (zh) has set up a special page for this book martyr. His...

China: Human Flesh Search Engine

  22 February 2008

ESWN translated a story about a netizen's call for “human flesh search engine” to identify a malicious “uncle figure” in an online video. In the end, they managed to find the uploader, but not the “uncle”.

Hong Kong: Suspected to Resemble Gillian Chung

  18 February 2008

Duimanpark discusss about the funny language in the recent sex photo scandal and wonders if English speakers would understand the commonly used phrase in local mainstream media: “nude photographs of a woman suspected to resemble Gillian Chung.”

Hong Kong: Apologize for What?

  13 February 2008

One of the victim of the sex photo scandal Gillian Chung finally broke her silence. In her statement she claimed that she was too innocent and she apologized for causing the social damage. Cow wondered what she apologized for. The blogger felt that such gesture implied a victory of conservative...

Hong Kong: Another Hyperlink Case

  13 February 2008

The sex photo scandal has developed into another test case for the nature of hyperlink as “distribution” of indecent and obscene article. This time, the suspect posted a hyperlink of a compressed file stored in overseas server. I have written an article on that via inmediahk.net (zh).

Hong Kong: 6 Reasons Not to See the New Photos

  12 February 2008

Moliuology listed out 6 reasons not to see the new photos concerning the sex photos scandal: 1. repetitive; 2. people's response is too hypocritical; 3. don't want to have too many friends; 4. weekend rally against the police abuse of power has delivered protest idea; 5. enough; 6. need to...

Hong Kong: Netizen First Rally

  11 February 2008

Yesterday, Hong Kong Netizen had its first rally against police abuse of power in the sex photo scandal. Erynnyes hopes that local netizens can slowly develop into a civic force (zh).

Hong Kong: From Sex to Police Scandal

  7 February 2008

It has been 10 days that Edison Chen’s sex photos scandal occupied the front page of local newspapers (ESWN has summed up local newspapers report everyday.) The issue is not only a sex scandal about various prominent local pop stars, but also an outburst in response to the tension caused...

Hong Kong: Super Prison

  5 February 2008

The head of Hong Kong police force Tang King-sing claimed that those who possessed class III obscene articles may violate existing law. Duimanpark points out that if the police were to arrest those who had copies of class III obscene photos in their computers, the city need to build a...

Hong Kong: Greatest Scandal

  5 February 2008

Kenneth from Shanghaiist has summarized the greatest sex scandal in Hong Kong concerning various popstars. Interlocals.net has an article on the political debates and implications of police crack down of the internet information.

Hong Kong: GdotTV.com

  5 February 2008

G stands for homosexuality, bisexuality and transexuality. GdotTV is the first internet channel in Hong Kong, contributes to this minority circle.