· March, 2006

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from March, 2006

Hong Kong: Police, Paparazzi and Privacy

  28 March 2006

BigWhiteGuy Randall van der Woning lambasts Hong Kong media following a plea for respect from the wife of the suspect in last week's fatal police-on-police shootout. “Decency? Such as local station ATV airing a rerun of the couple when they appeared on Hong Kong's version of Who Wants to be...

Hong Kong: Private Information Uploaded

  28 March 2006

Simon World‘s namesake criticizes the Hong Kong government for continuing to remain silent two weeks after the discovery earlier this month of the accidental posting online of the names, ages, addresses and ID numbers of the approximately 20,000 people who filed complaints with Hong Kong police from 1996 to 2004.

Hong Kong: Scary Superman

  27 March 2006

The biggest threat to Hong Kong's democracy, security and the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is none other than Li “Superman” Ka-shing, argues Tom Legg at Daai Tou Laam.

The Magic of Food: A Global Edible Review

  26 March 2006

#1: From the UK, Blog Jam The traditional pickled pig's feet dish is one of our favorites. Of course you may have at least a dozen good excuses why you "think" you don't like them. Just forget for a moment where they come from, send to the back burner of...

Hong Kong: Cardinal Zen

  24 March 2006

OhmyNews! reports on the ordination as cardinal of outspoken Catholic Bishop Joseph Zen, who has been dubbed “the conscience of Hong Kong”.

Hong Kong: Glutter on Hao Wu

  22 March 2006

Glutter is in shock over the detention of Beijing or Bust blogger and documentary film-maker Hao Wu (Wu Hao in Chinese), with whom she took part in a BBC World Service panel discussion on censorship in China. She posts a transcript of the discussion.

Hong Kong, China: Tank man

  20 March 2006

ESWN rounds up and translates a post from Hong Kong schoolteacher Miss Lee in Summer, who took a photo of the Tiananmen tank hero to class, only to discover that most of her students thought it was taken in Iraq.

Hong Kong: Urban myths and koans

  14 March 2006

ESWN translates a series of questions currently being asked of straight-A Hong Kong students by three of China's top universities now recruiting in the territory. Including: “If you are in a concert hall and a telephone rings next to you, what do you do?”

Hong Kong: Orientalists at LitFest

  13 March 2006

Glutter is disgusted at the arrogance and lack of courtesy shown to Chinese-language authors at recent workshops in the Hong Kong Literary Festival 2006, who are constantly asked to account for their work with a Western audience in mind. “I still have five more lectures to go and I am...

Hong Kong: Blogger takes break

  9 March 2006

Glutter, post-relationship break-up, vows to take a break from blogging, in quest of reality and solidity, as opposed to the disembodiments and shifting perspectives of cyberspace.

Hong Kong: Sharing His Word-Hoard

  7 March 2006

While looking forward to the 2006 Hong Kong Literary Festival, Glutter bemoans the expense and elite concentration of this year's glittering attractions, which include the poet Seamus Heaney.

China: To peg, or not to peg

  3 March 2006

Sun Bin summarizes a commentary written by Stephen Cheung in the Hong Kong Chinese-language Apple Daily newspaper, which suggests that the Chinese yuan should not be pegged to any foreign currency, but instead to a basket of commodities.

Hong Kong: Who killed Dai Fei?

  3 March 2006

Glutter takes a deep breath and dives in to embrace a conspiracy theory surrounding the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in that fateful car chase in Paris. “You will never hear me talk about anything to do with aliens, crop circles, princess grace, how Courtney Love Hired a hit...