· October, 2006

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from October, 2006

Hong Kong: “zero-charge” tours

  25 October 2006

The “zero-charge” tours scandal is a distinctive “free-meal” feature in Chinese capitalist society. It happens in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, targeting at Mainland China tourists. How does this “zero-charge” tours come into being? Chong interlocals.net gives some background on the issue: Incredibly low fees or “zero-charge” tours are strategies...

Hong Kong: protecting bloggers?

  24 October 2006

ESWN translates Sidekick's post pleading local media to protect the privacy of bloggers(zh); the recent case is a 12 years’ old girl saying in her blog that she wants to kill her father after being beaten. Florence thinks that sidekick's plead would be in vain as the mainstream has their...

Hong Kong: campaign for citizen radio bandwith

  16 October 2006

An underground citizen radio was raided last weekend, Hong Kong In-Media launched a signature campaign to urge the government to release citizen radio bandwith. The english version of the campaign statement is at interlocals while chinese version is at inmediahk.

Hong Kong: CE's policy address

  13 October 2006

Yesterday (Oct 12), the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR, Donald Tsang defended his second policy address in the legislative council. The selection of next CE will be 8 months later, although it is very likely that Donald Tsang will continue his term for another 5 years. The whole process...

Hong Kong: excess education

  11 October 2006

BWG blogs a survey about how parents in Hong Kong react when they got frustrated with their kids’ studies: Get out! go away! I don't want to see you anymore.

Northeast Asia: Nuclear test

  10 October 2006

Sun bin blogs the google map on the North Korea Nuclear test and summarizes the test information. In South Korea, there were much discussions in the blogsphere (although I can only get access to English sources). Jodi observes her South Korean friends’ reactions the test: Not surprisingly, however, was the...

Hong Kong: Flash mob rape and disney bomb threat

  5 October 2006

A 42 years old man's Internet messages inviting others to join him in a “flash mob rape” has resulted in Hong Kong's first conviction for outraging public decency through expressions on the world wide Web on September 20 and sentenced to 160 hours of community service yesterday (October 4). Another...

Hong Kong: Minimum wage

  4 October 2006

A citizen report at inmediahk.net on a demonstration for minimun wage in Hong Kong. Demand from demonstrators are HK$30 (US$3.5) per hour. While the existing fast food resturant (KFC) rate is HK$15 per hour (zh). More background information can be found at interlocals.net, the lowest hourly wage found in the...