· October, 2007

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from October, 2007

Hong Kong: City of Sorrow

  31 October 2007

Yesterday the Secretary for Labour and Welfare Matthew Cheung Kin-chung visited Tin Shui Wai, a new town with the highest frequency of family tragedy. Erynnyes criticized Cheung did not give any hope(zh) for the new town as the government did not provide any solution to the structural problem in the...

China and Hong Kong: External Power's Video on Olympic

  30 October 2007

Moluiology links to a youtube cartoon on China and Olympic. The blogger said (zh): it is pretty clear that the video reflects foreigners’ impression on China. Of course it is a bit exaggerating, but history did happen (footnote: some still deny such history)…

China and Hong Kong: Netizens Criticize Arrogant CCTV Reporter

  30 October 2007

A CCTV reporter, Zhou Tao, had the company van scratched in a minor car accident in the Hong Kong airport. He called the police and the investigation took 4 hours. He then wrote a blog post (zh) to criticize Hong Kong police for being slow and ineffective; he claimed that...

China and Hong Kong: Translation Politics

  29 October 2007

Many bloggers in Hong Kong pointed out that the criticism against Martin Lee's article in Wall street is a result of translation. An example given by erynnyes from Those were the days, is the translation of “press for” to “give pressure to” (zh). The blogger also points out that China...

China: Chinese Nominees for the BoBs

  28 October 2007

This year the Best of Blogs voting has started in Oct 22, 2007. You can cast your vote online for the best weblogs, videoblogs and podcasts. According to Deutsche Welle, there were 7,000 nominations around the world this year. 15 Chinese weblogs are in the nominee list. Among which three...

Hong Kong: China's Olympic Opportunity

  26 October 2007

Legislative Councilor Martin Lee was accused of inviting interference from U.S to China. ESWN brings together Martin Lee's article from the Wall Street Journal, member of Executive Council Tsang Yok-sing's criticism on Martin Lee and local newspapers report on the issue.

Hong Kong: University Master Plan

  23 October 2007

The Chinese University Student Union has launhed a signature campaign against the university's undemocratic practice in Master Plan process (zh). The students demanded the university to include representatives of stake holders in the master plan steering committee and disclose all information in relation to the campus planning. HK-x-force, a student...

Hong Kong: More about ‘External Manipulation’ in Hong Kong

  19 October 2007

ESWN has translated and put together reports and blog posts on the “external manipulation” in Hong Kong. Instead of asking whether there is effective manipulation, he looked into the question why would anyone (in this case the head of democratic party Martin Lee and Sin Chung-kai) meet with John Negroponte...

Hong Kong: Foreign Intervention

  18 October 2007

Legislator and the founding member of Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, Tsang Yok-sing, comments on the China President Hu Jintao's report on the 17 party congress regarding foreign intervention in Hong Kong (zh). And he specifically points out the Hong Kong office of National Democratic...

China: Reporting 17 Party Congress

  17 October 2007

Rose Liu compared reporters’ concern on the 17th Party Congress (zh): western media's concern is more substantial than Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau's media. The former pay attention to economic and political reform, while the latter concerned about Hong Kong and Macau policy… as for me, I felt that the...

Hong Kong: Feng Shui Masters Rap

  16 October 2007

Kevin Li posts two music videos of rap about feng shui and two feng shui masters, Mak Ling Ling and So Man Fung (zh). Feng shui is a discipline with guidelines and techniques of site planning, internal furniture arrangements and fortune-telling. Feng Shui masters used to dress in traditional costume...

Hong Kong: Indecent Article

  15 October 2007

Roland has provided more background and translated my article (zh) on the recent development of the classification of indecency of a feature article from inmediahk.net which protested against the judgment of photo hyperlink as indecency.

China: Listing in Stock Market

  12 October 2007

Two more I.T companies are going to be listed in the Hong Kong stock market: Kingsoft and Alibaba – Keso thinks that this is good news for China e-business(zh).

Hong Kong: Policy Address

  11 October 2007

Erynnyes from Those were the days comments that the policy address of HK Chief Executive Donald Tsang was “old wine in a old bottom” (zh). The so-called 10 great infrastructures were old items and the HKD$250 (USD$32) annual medical coupon to elderly showed a lack of respect to their needs.

Hong Kong: Say No To Oriental Daily News

  10 October 2007

The Oriental Daily News decided to sue an Internet discussion board Uwant for slandering. Syaoran urged netizens to protest against the bullying of individual by big company (zh). He posted some newspapers reports to show that the article in the discussion board is based on facts.

Hong Kong: We Are Ready For 2012

  9 October 2007

Rebuild Hong Kong has appropriated the Beijing Olympic 2008 theme song for 2012 universal suffrage movement in Hong Kong. The music video is up at Youtube.