· April, 2008

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from April, 2008

Hong Kong: Shame

  28 April 2008

Danish artist Jens Galschiot has been denied for entering Hong Kong as he is planning to attend a peaceful demonstration during the Olympic Torch relay. Galschiot has made a sculpture called “pillar of shame” after the June 4 incident. Kursk criticized that the HK government added one more shame to...

Hong Kong: Tibet Journal Article

  26 April 2008

David Webb posted an article that have been rejected by the Journal of Law Society in Hong Kong. The article discusses about the history of Tibet and the issue of self-determination.

Hong Kong: Guarding Olympic torch

  9 April 2008

Fongyun commented on the Chinese security staffs in guarding the Olympic torch away from protesters. The blogger pointed out that Australian media were correct after all [zh], China did send out military police for guarding Olympic torch.

Hong Kong: Security Guarded City

  1 April 2008

A famous artist, Pang Jun, was driven away by security guards when he was sketching on the street in downtown Central. Duimanpark criticized the property management guideline that forces the security guard to act unreasonably [zh].