· August, 2008

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from August, 2008

South Korea: Old City Hall

  29 August 2008

Scribblings of the Metropolitician found it hard to believe that the South Korean government could demolish the old city hall building without much public consultation and debate.

Taiwan: Hopes in democracy in the midst of corruption scandal

  24 August 2008

In the last two weeks, the Taiwan mainstream media has been occupied with the corruption scandal of the former president, Chen Shiu-Bian. According to the news report, a Swiss bank has spotted a large sum of suspected money (up to a billion Taiwan yuan) transfered from Taiwan to Switzerland and...

Hong Kong: Tai Kok Tsui's Photo

  20 August 2008

Tai Kok Tsui is an old district in Hong Kong and is now undergoing urban renewal (demolition of old buildings). Kursk spent a Sunday taking photos in order to record the old city landscape.

Hong Kong: Fireman

  19 August 2008

Recently two Fire fighters died in a fire accident, a fireman blogger pointed out that the fire teams have been suffering from inadequate facilities and staffs back up that puts their life at risk.

Hong Kong and China: Pillar of Shame Exhibition During Olympics

  14 August 2008

The Time Square in Hong Kong is having an art exhibition during Beijing Olympics until Aug 19. Two of the artworks look like the Pillar of Shame, an artwork to memorize the June 4 massacre. Local art group invited Szeto Wah to give a radical interpretation of the artworks, esp....

Hong Kong: I'm Not Ready

  8 August 2008

Life is but an empty dream… feels frustrated about all the Olympic propaganda on T.V and expresses respect for the protesters who are speaking out the truth they believe in.

Hong Kong: Green Olympics and Black Soul

  6 August 2008

William Sin criticized Greenpeace's press release on Beijing Olympics for supporting hard handed environmental policy. Hevdevil in respond to the Greenpeace's post at inmediahk.net said that Greenpeace Hong Kong should change its name into GreenHarmony Hong Kong, as the organization has been harmonized.

China: Olympic Blocking and Unblocking

  6 August 2008

Many websites, such as Radio free Asia, have been unblocked in China during Olympics, however, Liu Xiaoyuan pointed out that many local blog posts are still blocked. The unblocking is selective deal to political pressure, while blocking is still set as default policy. Citizen media such as inmediahk.net in Hong...

Madagascar to Hong Kong: “Give us the Emerald back”

  2 August 2008

Lova Rabary-Rakotondravony explains that the government of Madagascar has sent four delegates to Honk Kong to try to retrieve one of the heaviest and largest emerald on matrix in the world currently on display at the Baoqu Tang Modern Art Gallery in Honk Kong (fr). The Malagasy government claims that...