· May, 2006

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from May, 2006

Hong Kong: June 4 and civic rights movement

  31 May 2006

The theme of June 4 candle night vigil this year is Civic Rights Movement in China. InMediaHK.net has a collections of articles including 1. the recent development of internet media and civic rights movement; 2. politics of memories concerning the Chinese cultural revolution and June 4 incident with a proposal...

Hong Kong: Bus Uncle and Chief Executive

  31 May 2006

The Bus Uncle video (a video taken on a mobile phone of a young man and older man arguing on the top of a bus) has spread from the internet BBS and blogsphere to the mainstream media. ESWN has a full collection of all the internet products related to the...

China: Homosexuality remains illegal

  30 May 2006

Although having been delisted as a mental disorder in 1997, homosexuality, says law intern-Chinablawger Kevin Fisher posting on a police crackdown in Beijing last year, remains illegal in China. “Is it my right to believe homosexuality is wrong?” Fisher asks. “Certainly. But, so long as homosexual acts do not demonstratably...

Hong Kong: Tiananmen massacre remembered

  29 May 2006

Photos, translation and analysis from EastSouthWestNorth blogger Roland Soong look at the declining attendance of Hong Kong's annual commemorations of the 1989 military crackdown in Beijing which saw many students, workers and Beijing locals shot dead on the streets.

Hong Kong: Literary history

  23 May 2006

On the latest episode of Danwei TV we see EastSouthWestNorth blogger Roland Soong take Danwei‘s Jeremy Goldkorn around Hong Kong in search of landmarks featured in Eileen Chang‘s (张爱铃) novel Love in a Fallen City (顷城之恋).

China: Billions in bad loans

  18 May 2006

Will China's non-performing loans amount to $900 billion this year? Here's what Hong Kong-based blogger Milton J. Madison has to say: “Knowing what I do of the Chinese banking industry, it does not surprise me that the auditor of 2 of the largest 4 banks in China estimates that NPLs...

Hong Kong: China-sent spies?

  16 May 2006

EastSouthWestNorth‘s Roland Soong translates news stories on “what must be the first big internet-fueled political storm in Hong Kong” which comes down to whether or not the Hong Kong Democratic Party has been infiltrated by “spies” and whether or not they come from the Chinese mainland.

China: Fuel shortage cover-up?

  15 May 2006

Is there a fuel shortage in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen which lies next to Hong Kong? “The government is claiming there is no shortage,” says Simon of Simon World, “and they're right. There's enough fuel, but thanks to the cap on pricing the station owners are refusing to...

Hong Kong: Cultural Revolution remembered

  12 May 2006

EastSouthWestNorth blogger Roland Soong translates an essay from Chinese Independent PEN president Liu Xiaobo in preparation for the fortieth anniversary of the beginning of the Cultural Revolution which is this coming Tuesday.

Hong Kong: Islands bear discoveries

  10 May 2006

In which Flagrant Harbour blogger and Hong Kong resident Michael takes an educational tour to outlying Hong Kong island Tung Ping Chau, gets a geography lesson, a geology lesson too, and finds a new swimming hole.

Hong Kong: Supermarket food cleared

How much does it cost to raise a child in Hong Kong? No, how much does it really cost? Two sets of answers at Simon World, along with the refutation three weeks later of a food safety story one blogger suggested the downplaying of which would serve the interests of...

The Spice of Life

  7 May 2006

#1: From Argentina, Pomelo Pleasures presents: The Spice of Life: She wants it in her jam, me too!!! :) I am an absolute nut about mulled wine, and perhaps with good reason. I remember France during the holidays, going to a bazaar full of baked goods and steaming vats of...

Hong Kong: Democratic difficulties

  4 May 2006

In ‘Scenes from a Dysfunctional Democracy,’ Simon at Simon World notes some absurd politicking in Hong Kong's Legislative Council. “With a democracy like this,” he retorts, “who needs voting?”

Hong Kong: Zheng He exhibition

  3 May 2006

sevenyearsinchina‘s Han Girl visits the Zheng He exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of History and comes away flipping Eurocentrism on its head. “What can one expect? We're talking about people who still use the word ‘discover’ to describe the trip to America by Columbus,” she writes. “Columbus discovered a...

Hong Kong: A Communist pod-dream

It didn't take long for Dave and Stefan at Hong Kong's Blog the Talk to get around to podcasting and their most recent release “a meditation on pedestrian behavior, individualism and the appeal of Communism in this capitalist paradise,” doesn't disappoint.

Hong Kong: Subtle Chinese humor

  1 May 2006

EastSouthWestNorth blogger Roland Soong translates a humorous post and compares political jokes in the former Soviet Union with those found in China today. The verdict: “[T]he Chinese people are not humorless. Rather, their humor demonstrably come through in more subtle ways.”

Hong Kong: A democratic future!

  1 May 2006

n8ma blogger Nathan Madsen has no kind words for those who would downplay the importance of democracy in Hong Kong, mainland China and even America.