· January, 2006

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from January, 2006

We Love Cooking!

  28 January 2006

#1: All Indian food does NOT taste the same! From the UK, We all live downstream explains this popular belief that find its roots in the lack of adventurous spirit of some when executing this natural, vital and recurrent activity. What kind of Indian food do you get when you...

Hong Kong: Expatriate Pay

16 January 2006

The Hong Kong legislature is apparently considering a law to curb the “expat package” — the controversial practice of company offices paying Western foreign workers more in benefits and salaries than similarly qualified locals. OrdinaryGweilo — himself an expat — doesn't think such legislation is necessary given the changing economy,...

China, Hong Kong: Wong Kar-Wai and the Mainland

  10 January 2006

Angry Chinese Blogger discusses noted Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai's complicated relationship with China. Wong was recently named jury president for the Cannes Film Festival, and Cannes has a “noted tendency to defy Beijing.”