· August, 2007

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from August, 2007

Hong Kong: An Old Man Wishing To Live In Jail

  30 August 2007

Luqui Luwei commented on a recent news about an 78 years old man who committed a minor crime in order to go to the jail so that he could at least fill up his stomach. As the income disparity is becoming more and more serious, the blogger felt that the...

Hong Kong: Nine-year-old Enters University

  24 August 2007

A nine-year old genus was accepted by the Baptist University of Hong Kong. Willsin thinks that it is ridiculous as the kid doesn't need to enter university to prove that he is a genus and university life in Hong Kong will kill his childhood fun (zh). Erynnyes feels that the...

Hong Kong: Right to Sunshine

  20 August 2007

Ben ng criticized the design of Screen-style buildings in Hong Kong from the view point of right to Sunshine. In recent years, Taiwan and China have passed law to protect such right (zh).

Hong Kong: Construction Workers’ Strike

  20 August 2007

In 1997, the daily salary of metal workers in construction site is HKD1,200 (USD150), today it is less that HKD600. Workers from Southeast Asia are even less. More than a thousand metal workers have been striking for 13 days to demand for an increase of daily salary to HKD950. Citizen...

Hong Kong: Business Sector Wants To Keep Functional Constituency

  17 August 2007

Charles Mok blogs about the discussion in a seminar organized by the business sector on the consultation of future election system in Hong Kong. The business sector expressed their wishes to keep the functional constituency in Legislation Council. Charles commented that Hong Kong people are ready for universal suffrage, and...

Hong Kong: Yahoo Hong Kong, Please Explain!

  17 August 2007

Flickr lover from inmediahk.net picked up the story on Yahoo Hong Kong's direct involvement in Shi Tao's case and commented that the company had violated the “One country Two system” principle as Hong Kong registered company should follow local law and protect its users accordingly (zh). He demanded the company...

China and Hong Kong: Yahoo HK and Shi Tao

  16 August 2007

Chinese Law Prof Blog gave some update on the Shi Tao's case, a Chinese journalist arrested and imprisoned for 10 years because Yahoo provided the Chinese government Shi's user information. The blogger pointed to a document that showed it was Yahoo (HK) not Yahoo (China) that provided the information. Soon...

Hong Kong: Dreadful Questionnaire

  14 August 2007

ESWN translated a blogpost from hoiking commenting on a recent questionnaire conducted by Hong Kong Youth Association on youth's position on Queen's Pier demolition. The questionnaire is based upon using “association members to distribute” but it claims to be a public poll. Besides it is designed in a way that...

China and Hong Kong: Merging of Shenzhen and Hong Kong

  10 August 2007

Hong Kong Chief Executive's think tank, Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre, proposed the merging of Shenzhen and Hong Kong into a metropolitan, Lu qui luwei noticed the change of attitude in relating to China and the potential debate on free flow of population(zh).

Hong Kong: No Fur

  10 August 2007

The World's top model Joanna Krupa took a nude photo to promote no fur campaign in Hong Kong. Littleoslo found the poster design very unattractive.

Hong Kong: Government Promotion of DRM

  7 August 2007

I Resource Center (IRC, a company owned by the Hong Kong Government) announced yesterday that the song, “Just Because of You”, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of reunification, can be downloaded with DRM protection. Plastichk laughed at the practice as the song was meant to be distributed as wide as...

Hong Kong: E-government

  7 August 2007

Charles Mok criticized the two recently launched e-government websites govhk and youth. gov.hk, both are non-interactive web 1.0 websites (zh).

Hong Kong: Assassination of our past

  6 August 2007

Young and handsome movie star Daniel Wu wrote in his blog about his feelings on the clearance of Queen's pier for demolition: As the last of the protesters were dragged away by police from Queen’s Pier Tuesday night, I could not help but feel emotions of sorrow, to anger, to...

Hong Kong: Queen's Pier protesters carried off

  2 August 2007

More than twenty-four hours after the hour the Hong Kong government was slated to begin destruction of the Queen's Pier in downtown Hong Kong, writes Sina blogger and Phoenix TV journalist Rose Luqiu Liuwei, did police finally move in at ten a.m. yesterday morning, first sealing off the scene and...