· September, 2005

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from September, 2005

Hong Kong: Li Ao presser

  29 September 2005

ESWN translates part of the Hong Kong news conference given by Taiwan writer Li Ao, freshly arrived from his controversial speaking tour of the mainland, including the various ways in which the local press handled his stab at a common Cantonese expression…

Hong Kong: Not the only fruit

27 September 2005

ESWN offers an alternative and embarrasing translation of a Cantonese public service movie about oranges…oh, and free trade.

Japan: Hello Kitty lawsuit

  26 September 2005

“Still more evil from the mouthless one from Sanrio,” report both AsiaPundit and SimonWorld on an intellectual copyright lawsuit brought by Hello Kitty creators Sanrio against a group of Hong Kong drama students.

Hong Kong: Mickey Mouse economics

26 September 2005

SimonWorld picks up an article by online financial commentator David Webb, who puts the SAR government's calculations on recent major land transactions–including that for the Disney theme park–under the microscope.

Hong Kong: Deconstructing Disney

23 September 2005

Walk the Talk reports on a lecture given by Asian Wall Street Journal reporter and Harvard-trained anthropologist Geoffrey Fowler in Hong Kong on how the mainland Chinese consumer is reinventing the Mouse (and coming up with a Cat).

Hong Kong: American whispers

  21 September 2005

EastSouthWestNorth translates excerpts from a gossip column in the popular weekly magazine Next about some howlers spotted on a U.S. State Department-affiliated Web site purporting to give information about Hong Kong.

Hong Kong: My territory for a horse

20 September 2005

Will Hong Kong's hosting of the 2008 Olympic equestrian events get the territory's racing-obsessed residents out jogging the MacLehose Trail? Hemlock doesn't think so…

Hong Kong: WTO protests

  19 September 2005

Che at Chatter Garden posts an account of the welcome extended by the Mexican goverment to non-government groups staging demonstrations at the WTO in Cancun, 2003. Hong Kong will host a WTO round in November.

China: More Yahoo! Reactions

  9 September 2005

Yahoo Hong Kong's turnover of subscriber information that helped result in journalist Shi Tao's conviction continues to draw comment. Angry Chinese Blogger provides a link to the Chinese text and English translation of the verdict.

Hong Kong: Sky TV & Disney

  8 September 2005

Seeking diversions, Simon World watches the giant TV atop the 185 meter-tall AIG tower, while Flying Chair spends a day at the new Disneyland.

Hong Kong: Hurricane email scams

6 September 2005

These days when there is a disaster, hackers and virus propagators are taking full advantage of the situation. In the case of Katrina Hurricane, bogus e-mails are making the rounds to infect PCs in the guise of offering news updates about the New Orleans disaster.