· May, 2008

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from May, 2008

China: Sharon Stone on Earthquake

  31 May 2008

Lam Kay pointed out that the mainstream media had mistranslated[zh] Sharon Stone's comment on Sichuan earthquake and caused a lot of misunderstandings in the Chinese world.

Hong Kong: School Girl Punished for Mean Earthquake Comment

  29 May 2008

A school girl wrote down her lack of feelings on the Sichuan earthquake in her blog. Netizens found out her identity and she was force to make public apology. Her school also decided give her a demerit. The incident is recorded at evchk [zh]. Yeung Sir (a teacher) wrote at...

Hong Kong: Floating Voices

  25 May 2008

An independent video maker Law Man Lok has produced a video, called floating voices (with English subtitles), on inmediahk.net, a citizen journalist site in Hong Kong. (via inmediahk.net)

Hong Kong: Private Deal Against Basic Law?

  22 May 2008

Luke pointed out that the private deal between Hong Kong government and the Time Square property management concerning the Time Square public space may have violated the Basic Law [zh], which protects freedom of expression and gathering.

China and Hong Kong: Interviewing Earthquake Reporter

  21 May 2008

Ling Nan from inmediahk.net, interviewed a Hong Kong reporter in Sichuan earthquake center about issues that hadn't been reported in Hong Kong mainstream media [zh]. The reporter also criticized the way official Chinese media handle the news.

China: Reprimand Theory

  15 May 2008

Michael from The Opposite end of China is furious at the reprimand theory of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka on the earthquake in Sichuan. Similar reprimand theory can also be found in Hong Kong. (via ESWN)

China: Against One Voice in Disaster

  15 May 2008

Wang Ning pointed out that even though people should hold together to fight the earthquake disaster, there shouldn't be just one voice in telling the disaster story. He praised the ATV report (from Hong Kong) in showing the genuine emotion of the people in disaster.

Hong Kong: Olympic Torch Relay, the Virtual and the Real

  2 May 2008

The real Olympic torch relay in Hong Kong has been criticized as a political decision as most of the non-athletic torch bearers were from the pro-China political clan. In the street, the Beijing supporters also out-numbered the protesters for human rights. However, in the virtual torch relay organized by local...