· September, 2007

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from September, 2007

Hong Kong: Fire Dragon Dance

  26 September 2007

Jacky Szeto posts some great photos of fire dragon dance at Taihang in Hong Kong (zh). It is a traditional ceremony during mid-autumn festival in Hong Kong. The dragon will dance for three days, and tonight will be the last day.

Hong Kong: Blogger Gathering

  20 September 2007

Ibrahim El-Mouelhy from Outblaze blogs about the web and blogger gathering in September 18: over 80 people signed up at the wiki event page and around 70 showed up. For nearly three hours industry people and enthusiasts mingled, drank, ate, and made merry.

Hong Kong: Living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  19 September 2007

Frankenchoi writes his experience in living with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) (zh). The disease is related with pressure and anger and the patient needs to regulate his / her diet and emotion.

Hong Kong: Book Distribution

  19 September 2007

Recently the publisher of a political spoof about Chief Executive Donald Tsang's Spin Doctor failed to find any distributor in Hong Kong for distributing the book to local bookstore. Buto from inmediahk.net interviewed the publisher who explained that the book distribution business in Hong Kong is highly monopolized by one...

Hong Kong: Indecent Censorship Practice

  18 September 2007

ESWN translated a poll on a recent court case about Obscene Articles Tribunal's (OAT) classification on indecency. A majority of the interviewees said that OAT's classification are chaotic while The Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority doesn't know how to differentiate art and pornography. Recently three newspapers (Ta Kung Pao, Wen...

Hong Kong: IT Voice Called For Universal Suffrage ASAP

  17 September 2007

IT Voice posts its response to the government's consultation on the constitutional development: Hong Kong people have been longing for democracy for a long time. We are ready for universal suffrage AT THIS VERY MOMENT, well before 2012.

Hong Kong: Government Leaded Land Enclosure

  17 September 2007

Chong visited the wet market in Central in last weekend. He noticed that the old market has managed to survive despite the gentrification of nearby bars and restaurants. However, because of the intervention or “land enclosure policy” of government via the Urban Re-development Authority (URA), the century old market is...

Hong Kong: Incredibubble!

  17 September 2007

David Webb has a analytical article on the China stock bubble and its impact and implication for Hong Kong: When the mainland bubble bursts, it will accelerate the onset of the first post-IPO banking crisis.

Hong Kong: Stop Writing Blog

  12 September 2007

MK noticed that there were less and less blogpost these days and he wondered why. One of his explanation was that bloggers were moving to twitter and facebook, where they could write less but keep in touch with a circle of friends. Probably the number of blog will still continue...

Hong Kong: HK Government Intervention In Stock Market

  10 September 2007

David Webb criticized Hong Kong Government's intervention in stock market and tried to explain the story behind the move. On 7-Sep-07, the Hong Kong Government announced that it had purchased through the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), over an unspecified period, 5.88% of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd (HKEx,...

Hong Kong: Anson Chan Competes For Legco Seat?

  10 September 2007

Whether Anson Chan would compete with Regina Ip (both are former high rank government officials) for the Legco seat has been a hot issue in Hong Kong recently. Today sources from democratic party confirmed that Anson had agreed to join the race. Enka phile noticed that the significance of this...

Hong Kong: Apple Daily Reporter Rejected

  10 September 2007

Waiyin blogs about her trip to Sydney on APEC meeting: when she arrived at Chinese President Hu's Hotel, she found out that her reporter permit was different in colour and she could not enter the hotel as other Hong Kong reporters (zh). It is because she is working for Apple...