· July, 2008

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from July, 2008

Hong Kong: Election Video

  22 July 2008

Ip Iam Chong from inmediahk.net criticizes the video produced by the democratic party for the coming Legislative council election.

Hong Kong: Buying Money

  16 July 2008

The Bank of China in Hong Kong has issued a set of commemorative banknotes for Beijing Olympics. Thousands started to line up three days ahead for buying the paper money and resulted in great chaos. Florence from Over the Rainbow has to report about the news and she pointed out...

Hong Kong: Sexy Photo Victim

  9 July 2008

A Hong Kong netizen uploaded photos from the Edison Chan sexy photogate to an overseas server and linked it back to local forum was sentence to three weeks detention without bail while waiting for the sentence in the district court. Ip Iam Chong wrote a commentary at inmediahk.net, pointing out...

China: Olympics reporter barred entry

  4 July 2008

Roland Soong at EastSouthWestNorth translates articles from two Hong Kong dailies of opposing views on the news that one of those newspapers’ Olympic beat reporters has been refused entry and sent home.

Taiwan: Conflict over Diaoyutai Islands

  2 July 2008

On June 11, a Taiwanese recreational fishing boat United(聯合號) sank following a collision with a Japanese coastguard vessel 11km off the disputed Diaoyutai(釣魚台) (Japan: Senkaku) islands, an island chain simultaneously claimed by Taiwan, Japan and China. Passengers and crew on the sinking boat were picked up by Japan. Shortly after,...