· July, 2007

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from July, 2007

China: Released documents implicate Yahoo!

  31 July 2007

A Beijing State Security Bureau document has been released, writes Rebecca MacKinnon at RConversation, which shows Yahoo! was aware at the time the reason why Beijing authorities wanted access to the content of Chinese journalist Shi Tao's e-mail account, later sent to prison for ten years. And there's more.

Hong Kong: Mainstream Media VS Cyber bullying

  27 July 2007

Erynnyes from Those were the days commented on the recent cyber bullying case and pointed out that the blogger and editor Zhou Li had also made unfair comments on Mr. Nike, as she drew groundless correlation between the uploading of Japanese AV to the increase of youth sex crime. The...

Hong Kong: Union Organizer Arrested

  27 July 2007

In response to a call from the International Trade Union Confederation(ITF), unionists in Hong Kong organized a peaceful protest at the Iran Consulate in Hong Kong against the illegal arrest of Iranian union leader Mansour Osanloo in July 13. However, according to coolloud citizen report, after two weeks, the organizer...

Hong Kong: Sorry, you have no rights to know

  26 July 2007

The Television and entertainment licensing authory (TELA) has given out 17 advices in the book fair (one of them is the “Love Mythology”), citizen reporter, Ip Iam Chong from inmediahk.net, called up TELA and Trade and Economic Development Bureau to find out which were the 17 books. It takes him...

Hong Kong: King of Kwoloon Pass Away

  26 July 2007

Big sister from Life is but an empty dream… blogs about the King's life. He is also a Mr. Tsang who cliamed he owned the land in Kwoloon district by drawing graffeti in the street (zh). The blogger said he is the pioneer in local civil disobedience. erynnyes from Those...

Hong Kong: Cyber bullying

  25 July 2007

A newspapers editor and blogger Chow Chauli was attacked by some netizens in her blog's comment section because of her criticism in the newspapers about a B.T user “Nike” who uploaded pornographic films in the internet. Some bloggers defined the case as cyber bullying. Florence who was very sympathetic with...

Japan: Face recognition system

  23 July 2007

Edo from Pink tentacle reports: on July 19, electronics giant NEC announced it has developed the world’s first automated border control system that uses facial recognition technology capable of identifying people inside their automobiles. The system is already in operation at checkpoints on the Hong Kong – Shenzhen border.

Hong Kong: Copycat Advertisement

  19 July 2007

Recently the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Hong Kong are celebrating the 50 years of Advertising industry, however, their advertisement is a copycat of Phillip Toledano's Hope and Fear series — arttacker from Pandemonium (zh).

Hong Kong: Another Scandalous Advice from TELA

  19 July 2007

ESWN translated local reports on another scandalous advice given by Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority (TELA) about distribution of indecency in the annual international book fair. This time their target is a classical painting of Cupid and Psyche.

Taiwan: In memory of Yang Dechang

  17 July 2007

Chong has translated an article by Leung Man Tao at interlocals.net about a Taiwanese film director Yang Dechang who has recently passed away. The writer describes the director as a prophet not welcome by his country.

Japan: Asia-Pacific Internet Usage

  17 July 2007

Nicholls from Japundit reported on the first comprehensive review of Internet behavior covering 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region released by comScore: The average person in the Asia-Pacific region visited the Internet on 13.8 days in the month and spent 20.2 hours viewing 2,171 pages.

Hong Kong: GV Editor Oiwan Lam faces court battle over Flickr photo

  16 July 2007

On May 11th, Oiwan Lam, Global Voices Northeast Asia Editor, committed what she says was a deliberate act of civil disobedience. Writing on the citizen media website InMedia Hong Kong, Oiwan called on her readers to post links to erotic websites and also included an artsy photo of a topless woman that she found on Flickr, the photo sharing site owned by Yahoo!. The post was originally published here, but has now been removed from the InMedia site and posted on a Wordpress.com blog. As Boingboing and others reported earlier this week, Oiwan's post has been classified as "Class II indecent" by Hong Kong's Obscene Articles Tribunal.

Hong Kong: Selective Prosecution on Illegal Broadcasting

  16 July 2007

The Office of Telecommunication Authority had decided to prosecute guest speakers from a Civic radio channel which organized public broadcast illegally to protest against the government strict control over radio frequencies. Many politicians have spoken at the illegal channel as guest speakers, however, the OTA has selectively prosecuted two of...

Hong Kong: Signature Campaign Against Flickr Filtering

  16 July 2007

HKxforce launched a signature campaign against flickr filtering policy in Hong Kong. The petition demands Yahoo! to adjust the filtering policy in Hong Kong so that adult users are free to choose and view “unsafe” content. It also demands more transparency in categorizing the content, let the users know the...

Hong Kong: Rubbish Collection Container

  16 July 2007

Citizen reporter one dollar health wrote at inmediahk about the new design of the rubbish collection container [zh]. The Hong Kong government has recently changed the design of rubbish collection container, local cleaners complained that the new design has hurt their bodies as they have to collect the rubbish by...

Hong Kong: Interview with Zoula

  10 July 2007

The English version of the interview with Zoula (the so-called first blogger journalist in China) concerning his idea about citizen reporting, his observation of the 10th anniversary of reunification in Hong Kong has been posted at interlocals.net.

Hong Kong: tabloid press’ double standards

  10 July 2007

Simon rightly pointed out that the tabloid press in Hong Kong in presenting the saga of RTHK head Chu Pui-hing exposed their double standards in Hong Kong's lives: The city, like many others, has numerous hostess bars, nightclubs and the like. They are frequented by many. So what does it...