· June, 2008

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from June, 2008

Hong Kong: No Blogger Accreditation

  24 June 2008

Thomas Crampton talked to the Hong Kong government’s Director of Information Services Betty Fung, who said Hong Kong does not recognize bloggers for accreditation to official media events and she has never received a request for accreditation from a blogger.

Hong Kong: Internet Service Fee Scandal

  20 June 2008

Ibrahim from Outblaze blogs about the recent internet service fee scandal in Hong Kong. The extremely high bill (HK$14,000) is due to policy on the by the “byte” extra charge on Internet access.

Hong Kong: Earthquake Photos Behind the News Story

  16 June 2008

Florence blogs about an exhibition on “Sichuan earthquake photos: behind the news story“. The exhibition displays photos and videos taken from the Sichuan earthquake area to share the front line reporters’ story behind the news.

Hong Kong: News Fixer

  13 June 2008

Hoidick from inmediahk.net blogs about his experience as a news fixer for foreign journalists for reporting news on China [zh].

Hong Kong: Political Clan

  13 June 2008

David Webb digs into the people behind the Bauhinia Foundation to show a political clan centered around Donald Tsang, the Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive.

Hong Kong: Preserving Bruce Lee's Home

  10 June 2008

Diumanpark urges the Hong Kong government to preserve Bruce Lee's home as a memorial hall in Hong Kong [zh]. The commercial radio has set up a webpage for a signature campaign to support the preservation.

Hong Kong: Where's the Apology

  4 June 2008

CNN and Sharon Stone have apologized to Chinese people. Yesterday a Tibet monk has also made an apology of what he had said about the repression. William Sin wonders why there still isn't any apology for June 4 marsacre for more than 19 years [zh].