· August, 2006

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from August, 2006

Hong Kong: Jimmy Wales

  30 August 2006

Chiao blogs his eat-eat-talk-talk conversation with Jimmy Wales and briefly discusses about future development of the very young wiki community in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong and Macau: Monopoly money

  29 August 2006

Simon World has an interesting posts on the monoploy of gambling industry in Hong Kong and Macau: You hear that, you nasty Americans? Stanley's going to call on Beijing to take control if they don't stop being so, umm, capitalist.

Hong Kong: Chinese wikimedia conference

  28 August 2006

Last weekend (August 26-27), the Chinese wikimedia conference was held in Hong Kong. The two-day conference included a keynote address by Mr Jimmy Wales, founder and chairman of the Board of Trustees of Wikemedia Foundation, and other panels and sessions by noted speakers from the region. Topics included the content,...

China: cultural history

  28 August 2006

Mary Ann O'donnell writes a brief introduction of xin'an county and nine streets museum to show the cultural historical link between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Hong Kong: opium history

  23 August 2006

Dave and Stefan blogs a historical legal document showing the history of opium importation from 1908-1942 in Hong Kong.

China: play and wan

  18 August 2006

Maryannodonnell explores the meaning of “wan” (play) in Chinese via her experience in Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park.

Hong Kong: bloggers invaded mainstream?

  15 August 2006

Sidekick comments that bloggers has invaded mainstream newspapers (zh), while, Florence from Over the rainbow notices that there are more and more mainstream reporters in Hong Kong getting their information sources and stories from blogs and internet bbs, however, it would be difficult for netizens to get the “journalist” status...

China: the benefit of piracy

  13 August 2006

Danwei posts the an article, Necessary Evil? Piracy offers Chinese an unprecedented window to the Western world, by Kaiser Kuo. Kuo is a co-founded China's first heavy metal band, Tang Dynasty, in 1989.

Hong Kong: taxation

  13 August 2006

Simon blogs about the government proposal of goods and services tax (GST): “endless TV ads extolling the virtues of the GST, dressed up as a public service announcement…how much taxpayer money has been and will be spent on this fruitless exercise?”

Hong Kong: dead of intellectual newspapers

  10 August 2006

Richael Li finally bought up to 50% of Hong Kong Economic Journal. Following ESWN's earlier post analysizing media conditions in Hong Kong, duke of Aberdeen shares with ESWN's optimism that bloggers can take up the intellectual tradition in publication (zh). Kong-chan comments that most of the owners of Hong Kong...

Hong Kong: mainstream media's choice

  10 August 2006

Learnedfriend wrote a citizen report in inmediahk.net comparing the two demonstrations he had attended and helped organized in the past few days (zh). One was a series of anti-war protests against the killing of innocents in Lebanon; one was an action outside Japanese Consulate, demanding compensation for the comfort women...

Hong Kong: blog research

  8 August 2006

Moluiology comments on a award winning research done by a professor in Hong Kong University claiming that blog can become a platform for hate speech. Moluilogy disagrees and points out that the 820 Xanga users in the research only constitutes 0.0164% of the Xanga population. Besides the researcher did not...

Hong Kong: lights out

  8 August 2006

Last night local environmental organizations jointly launched the light outs campaign in Hong Kong; the big white guy comments that “it turns out the power companies has nothing to fear of the Lights Out…” and “Lights Out failed because it didn't appeal to the people with power…”

China: Lebanon

  8 August 2006

ESWN has a partial translations of a blog post from Hong Kong and an essay by a famous mainland Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo to show the readers what are the Chinese thinking about the Israel-Lebanon war?

Hong Kong: Typhoon

  4 August 2006

Typhoon Prapiroon has just left Hong Kong. Weatherblogger analyzes the figures and criticises the Hong Kong Obersevatory's signal 3 warning. The Typhoon was much stronger, however, “the Obersevatory had quoted the figure from the Kai-tak, where the wind speed was lower than other parts of Hong Kong (zh).“ Another blogger,...

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Media at the Crossroads

  4 August 2006

ESWN puts together Rebecca Mackinnon's recent move to Hong Kong and the selling of Hong Kong Economic Journal to Richard Li for an indepth discussion on Hong Kong media conditions. Then he continues to answer the question: “why blog?” - “I am here to create and learn and re-create …Join...

Hong Kong: WHO

  2 August 2006

China government nominated former Hong Kong government official Dr. Margaret Chan to be the Chief of World Health Organization because of her experience in fighting SARS in Hong Kong. However, Martinoe says in his blog that: as a Hong Kong citizen he wants to write to members of WHO to...