· November, 2008

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from November, 2008

Macau: Say No to Article 23 and White Terror

  21 November 2008

Macau SAR government issued a draft bill enacting Article 23 of the Macau Basic Law in October. The Law is very sensitive and it would affect every citizen's freedom and rights. Now it is supposed to be the public consultation period, but it seems that the government has been giving...

Hong Kong: Protect University Beacon

  21 November 2008

The Chinese University of Hong Kong is planning to remove the beacon (a symbol of freedom of speech and intellectual exchange) temporarily to build an underground information center. However, there is no public consultation in the campus. At inmediahk.net (zh) eg9515 wrote a citizen report about the confrontation between the...

China: Reflections of a Bridge Blogger

  18 November 2008

Roland from ESWN posts his presentation, “reflections of a bridge blogger”, for Chinese blogger conference in his blog. (He failed to attend the gathering because of family emergency.)

Hong Kong: Netizen's DIY Environmental Impact Assessment to Save Lung Mei

  14 November 2008

The Lung Mei (龍尾)Coastline is a natural muddy stretch at the eastern boundary of Ting Kok(汀角) Site of Special Scientific Interest (which is the fourth largest mangrove stand in Hong Kong). There are prolific biodiversity and ecological niches. Early last year, the Civil Engineering and Development Department put forward a...

China and Hong Kong: Voting Rights, Changes and Ending Cold War

  5 November 2008

The world is waiting for the U.S presidential election result. According to the Xinhua internet poll, 85% of the mainland Chinese netizens believe Obama will win the election (9pm Nov 4). Another commercial site Sohu.com shows that more than 240 thousands Chinese netizens support Obama, while only 90 thousands support...