· December, 2007

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from December, 2007

Hong Kong: Top News in 2007 Blogosphere

  31 December 2007

As the year end is approaching, local blogger sidekick has her picks of "Top News in Hong Kong 2007 Blogosphere". She also calls for more comments and suggestions for the year end round up. Below is a translation of her selection:

Hong Kong: Wedding Card Street

  28 December 2007

Lee Tung Street, more known as the wedding card street, located at Wanchai downtown is demolishing under the urban renewal project. A local resident May, age 59, had hunger strike for 4 days to save the street, yesterday she fainted and was sent to the emergency ward – more from...

Hong Kong: Currency Peg

  21 December 2007

As Hong kong Currency is pegged with U.S, the economy in U.S has leaded to negative interest rate and inflation in Hong Kong. Kaie pointed out that such economic pain is unnecessary and against economic logic (zh).

Hong Kong: Universal Suffrage Not Later Than 2017

  13 December 2007

Although a majority of public opinion supports universal suffrage of the SAR Chief Executive (CE) in 2012, the SAR government still insists on a “Not Later Than 2017” position in a recent consultation report (announced in Dec 12) on political reform. The present CE, Donald Tsang, claimed that he would...

Hong Kong: Tech-donation

  11 December 2007

Charles Mok blogs about the newly established project, Tech-donation, in Hong Kong (zh). It is organized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and Techsoup.

Hong Kong: Democracy Activist?

  4 December 2007

Seven Pillars of Wisdom wonders why CNN titled Anson Chan as Democracy Activist while the more accurate title should be AP's Pro-democracy candidate [zh]. The blogger thinks the difference reflected the media's political stance.

China: Report from Hong Kong on sweatshop

  3 December 2007

After long effort, the Hong Kong-based student organization SACOM (Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior大学师生监察无良企业行动) published a report on Dell Computer and its suppliers’ misconducts related to labor rights in mainland China. Here is a collection of voices and replies from domestic websites.