· March, 2008

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from March, 2008

Hong Kong: Revitalizing Tai O

  28 March 2008

The Hong Kong government has organized a competition for revitalizing a traditional fishing village, Tai O. Diumanpark pointed out that the word “revitalizing” is a cover up of “commercialization”, which, eventually would destroy the local culture and character[zh].

Taiwan: Religious buildings–a way to explore how cultures mix

  26 March 2008

The popular image of multi-culturalism as a mosaic, a salad bowl in which different cultures mix but keep their integrity, is misleading. Cultures are more like soups, flavored with many ingredients, some identifiable. –From the book ‘Cultures and societies in a changing world,’ written by Wendy Griswold. Taiwan has a...

Taiwan: Support for Tibet

  25 March 2008

For Tibetan independence movement, most Taiwanese support and sympathize Tibetans, and many people changed their twitter profile figure to the flag of Tibet which represents Tibetan independence movement. ‘Free Tibet’ (Photo courtesy of skydaughter.) Many artists, writers, musicians, and social movement participants held ‘Bringing love to Tibet’ to pray for...

Hong Kong: Too Clean?

  18 March 2008

After the SARS epidemic in Hong Kong, the city is getting more and more hygienic, however, Diumanpark wondered if being too clean would reduce body resistance to virus and bacteria [zh].

China: Nansha Oil Refinery Campus

  14 March 2008

Buchong visited the planned construction site of an giant oil refinery campus at Nansha, a river mouth peninsular at Zhujiang delta [zh]. The villagers are looking forwarded for the construction, however, the project would result in serious air and water pollution affecting nearby districts, in particular residents in Macau, Hong...

China: Fear of Red

  13 March 2008

ESWN translated an article by Leung Man Tao who talked about the politics of fear in Hong Kong: the fear for treason and the fear of red China.

Hong Kong: Violating National Flag Law?

  12 March 2008

The Hong Kong Police is effective to crack down T-shirt design with 14K logo by local designers. Penguin Jas notices that Adidas’ design might have violated the National Flag Law [zh]. The blogger wonders why the police is silent about that.

Hong Kong: Old District

  12 March 2008

Chow and suedevil took a video showing the culture and landscape of Kwun Tong old district in Hong Kong. The district would be redeveloped into a shopping mall campus in a few years.

Hong Kong: Flu Statistic

  12 March 2008

Chainsaw Riot blogs the statistic of flu over the past few years to show that the situation of flu is no worse than the past. However, the number of flu patients visiting public hospital has increased after the media reported about the sudden death of a girl with flu symptom...

Hong Kong: Cats in the University

  6 March 2008

Lingnan University in Hong Kong is popular for its friendly attitude towards cats. Duke of Aberdeen visited the university and took some photos of the cats in the university. There is a photo set at flickr.

Hong Kong: Privatization of Public Space

  6 March 2008

Littleolso comments on the privatization of public space by Time square [zh], a super shopping mall at Causeway Bay, a most expensive district in Hong Kong Island. The shopping mall rented out the public space and made huge profit while deprived the right of ordinary citizens to use the space...

Hong Kong and Japan: Maiderland

  6 March 2008

Ben Ng visited a cafe called Maiderland during the weekend (zh). The cafe is run by a group of Japanese ACG (anime, comic, game) lovers in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong: Money Without Vision

  4 March 2008

In the new financial year, the government has a series of measures to cut tax and give cash to the citizen, such as by paying their electricity bill. Willsin finds no vision and mission in the budget plan, and it tries to buy people support by money, rather than by...

Hong Kong and Japan: Maid Culture

  4 March 2008

Ben ng blogs about the development of maid sub-cultural economy in Akihabara [zh]. There are dozen of maid salon at the district and the blogger wonders if such culture would be imported to Hong Kong.