· September, 2008

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from September, 2008

Hong Kong: Finance Tsunami

  23 September 2008

As a major financial center in the world, the financial tsunami triggered by Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy hit the city badly. On sept 18, the Hang Seng Index (HIS) dived about 1,300 points in the morning and touched 16,283, but due to Chinese and Hong Kong government's joint intervention, it rebounded...

Hong Kong: King of Youtube

  18 September 2008

Dm from Learning Cantonese explains how Long Hair and League of Socialist Democracy (LSD) would get support from a wide range of political spectrum with Youtube effect.

China: Media Manipulation on the Poisonous Milk Powder Scandal

  18 September 2008

The “Sanlu poisonous milk scandal” attracted more and more attention until the Central Propaganda Department gave strict orders on 9/15 to stop all Chinese media to report and investigate this scandal. Xinhua News, which is a mouthpiece of China government, shifted from a critical tone of voice to more positive reports and eulogy for the government departments' effectiveness in dealing with this scandal...This is a tragedy for hundred of thousands families. However, the sad story is being transformed into a happy story

Taiwan: More than 10,000 bloggers compete in this year's Blog Award

  15 September 2008

The fourth Global Chinese Blog Award-the biggest blog award in Chinese blogosphere-hosted by Taiwan's Chinatimes.com just finished sign-up stage this evening with a result of more than 10,000 blogs signing in 16 categories. The most competitive category is Art and Culture which has 3,015 contesting blogs while the least is...

Hong Kong: Save the Ha Pak Nai Wetland

  15 September 2008

A major developer in Hong Kong is planning to develop one of the most beautiful piece of wetland called Ha Pak Nai in Yuen Long. The plan is to build 122 country houses, 56 village style hotels, a golf court around the 5 million square meters wetland and a tiny insect museum, which means the whole wetland area will be privatized in term of spatial arrangement.

Hong Kong: Democracy Project

  11 September 2008

ESWN picks up the discussion by chonghead and Daisann McLane concerning the Legco election in Hong Kong with his own conversation with grassroots workers in a restaurant.

Hong Kong: Radically Idealistic?

  10 September 2008

Alice poon carries on her debate with Shih Wing-ching, the chairman of Centaline Property Agency and owner of the newspaper “am730″ in Hong Kong, on Hong Kong political culture in Asia Sentinel.

Hong Kong: Legco Election, What a surprise!

  9 September 2008

The result of this year's Legislative Council Election in Hong Kong is a surprise to many people. As the pan-democrats failed to coordinate their supporters and competed with each others for their votes, most of the mainstream media predicted that the pan-dem alliance would not get more than 50% seat...

Hong Kong: Iron Vote

  8 September 2008

Hegelchong explains how the pro-establishment party develop their “iron vote” through neighborhood network while the pan democrats in Hong Kong are very unorganized.

Hong Kong: Exist Poll

  4 September 2008

Alone in the Fart discusses about the recent pressure given by the election committee to a research center in Hong Kong University concerning the disclosure of exist poll during the legislative council election and points out that other exist poll research organizations are far more politically charged.

Hong Kong: Election Diary

  3 September 2008

In 5 days, Hong Kong will have its legislative council election. dm took a tour around Eastern New Territories candidates with a concluding remark: Eat with the DAB, vote for the LSD.

Hong Kong: Leave Blogger Alone

  3 September 2008

Local newspapers had posted extensive photos of an university student who was killed by an accident last month, Jansen suspected that the photos were downloaded from facebook without permission, he urged the media to respect the dead and leave bloggers alone. Sidekick suggested that bloggers should post a will in...