· February, 2006

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from February, 2006

Hong Kong: Horse city

  27 February 2006

SimonWorld picks up on local media reports surrounding the establishment of a new company specially to organize equestrian events ahead of the 2008 Olympics. Do the 80-strong workforce need offices in downtown Hong Kong, or closer to the stables in the New Territories, he muses.

Hong Kong: Writing oneself

27 February 2006

Glutter completes a 18,000-word post, seven days after the break-up with her man, and emerges saying she has written her way out of it.

Hong Kong: Sexual hoopla

  27 February 2006

EastSouthWestNorth reports, with pictures, on the opening day of Hong Kong's Sexual Cultural Festival 2006, which featured a demurely dressed inflatable doll and an anatomically correct hoopla stall.

Hong Kong, Philippines: Right of Abode

  21 February 2006

Simon World comments on the possible far-reaching consequences of a recent decision to give two Hong Kong-born children of a Filipino domestic worker “right of abode” in the Chinese territory.

Democracy on Tabloid?

  21 February 2006

On The View from Taiwan, Michael Turton and readers discuss how Apple Daily, the top selling tabloid newspaper in Hong Kong and Taiwan, reflects the regions’ democracy, freedom of speech and cultural spirit.

Marxist Class Analysis in Hong Kong

  21 February 2006

Simon on Simon World considers that “Marxist class analysis pervades even the world's free-est economy, that darling of laissez-faire economics, Hong Kong”. He cites the latest budget discussion as evidence.

Hong Kong, Here Comes The Pollution

  16 February 2006

China has just announced the building of two large nuclear power plants in Southern China. HK Dave reminisces on Simon World about what the announcement says about China's skyrocketing energy needs, and how those needs will translate into pollution traveling to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Refuses to Be Sales-taxed

  14 February 2006

Hemlock regards the attempt to implement a goods and services tax in Hong Kong as utopian as IMF asking Nepal to restore peace. For “our visionary leaders can’t do anything that’s in the interests of the community, because we’re not a community. We are ‘various sectors’”.

China, Hong Kong: Self-Reflection

  3 February 2006

EastSouthWestNorth translates a column by China blogger Michael Anti praising EastSouthWestNorth‘s heroic translations of Chinese media reports: “If the Chinese blogosphere can be said to be like the world of martial arts, then EastSouthWestNorth's Roland is the supreme leader of the alliance who is in a lofty and unmatched position....

Hong Kong, China: Violent Thought

  2 February 2006

Glutter reprises a conversation she had with a person opposed to democracy in Hong Kong and who worried opposition weakens the Chinese government. She writes: “I asked him how did he know those in power were always right, and their's was the best way? What gave them the responsibility to...