· April, 2006

Stories about Hong Kong (China) from April, 2006

Hong Kong: Incentives for local musicians

  28 April 2006

This week on n8ma's Xanga site: “news of a new orchestral fellowship for string-playing graduates of the Central, Shanghai, and Hong Kong Conservatories that will help curb the mass emigration of Chinese musicians to more promising and lucrative employment in American orchestras.“

Hong Kong: Japanese retailer leaving

  27 April 2006

With Hemlock's Diary this week comes reminiscing of times gone by with Hong Kong's last Japanese-owned department store, Mitsukoshi, announcing plans to leave the Special Administrative Region. “The name brings back memories of a bygone era—the time before Causeway Bay collapsed under the weight of vehicle emissions and Mainland tourists,”...

China: Detained writers remembered

  26 April 2006

Has it really been a year since Hong Kong journalist Ching Cheong was charged by China for spying? And two months since Beijing or Bust blogger Wu Hao's arrest for what has yet to be announced? AsiaPundit‘s myrick reminds us in ‘lest we forget’.

Hong Kong: Health hazard ignored

  25 April 2006

sevenyearsinChina‘s Han Girl stayed up late one night last week to show us why it wasn't in Hong Kong television station TVB's best interest to cover a recent report from Greenpeace which found levels of pesticides—some banned in the European Union—in vegetables sold in the city's two largest supermarkets at...

Taiwan: Regional aggregator coming

  24 April 2006

Prominent Taiwanese blogger Portnoy has started an English-language blog, Portnoy in Between. First up? Time to see a Chinese-language blog aggregator. “It is nothing about English hegemony;” he writes of Asia247 set to open June 4, “it is about how to communicate effectively, how to break the language divide, and...

China: Yahoo! implicates writer

  19 April 2006

Seen on the Chinese Law Prof Blog today is a post on Reporters Without Borders’ announcement of Yahoo!'s role in the persecution and arrest of yet another Chinese internet essayist, Jiang Lijun: “As in the Shi Tao case, the information was apparently provided by a Hong Kong company subject to...

Hong Kong: Uncharacteristic blog behaviour

  14 April 2006

EastSouthWestNorth comes up blank tonight save for an error message which reads: “Sorry, you have reached either a non-existent site or the site has been suspended (or deactivated) due to Disk Space and/or Bandwidth Violation / Exceeded.”

Hong Kong: Same sex discourse

  12 April 2006

Has Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain given homophobia a foothold within the Cantonese language? The flagrant harbour blogger gives us the both the short and long answer in ‘Brokeback Mounting.’

Hong Kong: Spending questioned

  11 April 2006

Nathan “n8ma” Madsen writes on his Xanga blog about the controversy surrounding Hong Kong Chief Executive Officer Donald Tsang's plans to relocate government headquarters into a new complex which will also house the Special Administrative Region's Legislative Council. “I wonder,” Nathan asks, “does Sir Donald want to relocate the HQ...

Hong Kong: Remains of the war

  11 April 2006

BigWhiteGuy Randall posts on the unearthing this week of “a massive stockpile” of leftover World War Two explosives from just three feet below an inner-Hong Kong street. “From what I understand, the hills around the old West Brigade headquarters at the Wong Nai Chung Gap are still loaded with munitions,”...

Hong Kong: Future of China

  11 April 2006

SimonWorld links to an article from mainland China-born but American-based political science professor Pei Minxin which, Simon says, contains “brave observations about why we should be pessimistic about political liberalization following on from economic liberalization.”

Hong Kong: Drug mules

  5 April 2006

Would you go easy on a drug smuggler? “For the number of people whose deaths they would most likely have contributed to by bringing that stuff in they got off damn light in my book,” writes the flagrant harbour blogger about three Australians convicted yesterday in Hong Kong for smuggling...

Hong Kong: Mainland development

  4 April 2006

Simon World blogger HK Dave sees some meaning in a photo which, although admittedly doctored, came away with the top prize in this year's China International Press Photo Contest.

Hong Kong: Labor strife

  4 April 2006

The EastSouthWestNorth blogger translates a report on a recent protest in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen and finds some missing details in corresponding English-language coverage.

Hong Kong: Film festival

  3 April 2006

sevenyearsinchina's Han Girl bids good farewell to the recent Rugby Sevens tournament held on Hong Kong island and welcomes the Hong Kong International Film Festival, which begins tomorrow. “Today I picked up a leaflet of a play called ‘ 1587 A year of no significance – a complete record of...

Hong Kong: HSBC birthday

  3 April 2006

Dave and Stefan from Walk the Talk commemorate the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation's 141st birthday with an original biography of its founder, Sir Thomas Sutherland. “On a trip back to Hong Kong on a steamer, the Scotsman was reading the colonial Blackwood's magazine. He read some articles about...