· April, 2009

Stories about Barbados from April, 2009

Puerto Rico: Indigenous Summit

  24 April 2009

The Voice of the Taino People Online says that a delegation of Caribbean Indigenous Peoples is speaking out on climate change at the Indigenous Peoples Global Summit.

Trinidad & Tobago: Summit Thoughts

  22 April 2009

From Trinidad and Tobago, The Undisputed Truth claims that “even Fidel Castro thinks the Summit was too expensive”, while Barbados-based B.C. Pires is experiencing the “post-Summit blues”.

Barbados: Maloney Inquest Verdict

  22 April 2009

Barbados Free Press blogs about the upcoming inquest verdict on the death of I’Akobi Maloney, saying: “No matter what the findings of the coroner, the big losers in this inquest are every officer of the Royal Barbados Police Force.”

Americas: 5th Summit Reactions

  20 April 2009

The much-hyped Fifth Summit of the Americas is now over, culminating with the Hemispheric leaders' adoption of the Declaration of Commitment of Port of Spain - albeit with one signatory - the Prime Minister of host country Trinidad and Tobago, who purportedly signed on behalf of all participating leaders. This signaled to many a clear lack of unanimity on the final declaration, hardly surprising given the differing agendas of the 34 participating nations. Bloggers were quick to post their impressions of the three-day engagement.

Global Recession: The world is talking. Are we listening?

  18 April 2009

There is no lack of online articles about the various aspects of the global economic crisis. Many of them are written by economic experts and policymakers. What about the perspectives of ordinary bloggers? This global roundup of blogs gathers stories of people around the world who are struggling to survive the economic downturn.

Barbados: Reputation & Governance

  15 April 2009

Barbados has hired a Canadian company to transform the Barbados Stock Exchange into an international one, but in light of existing integrity and freedom of information laws, Barbados Free Press says: “One has to wonder…if Barbados’ international reputation is more a result of luck, hype and spin than a reflection...

Barbados: Sam Lord's Castle

  13 April 2009

“Five years ago CLICO Barbados said they would restore Sam Lords Castle as part of a major tourist development”, but the promise has not materialized; bloggers Barbados Free Press and Bajan Dream Diary are disappointed, with the latter adding: “The longer that the Castle remains in ruin will not only...

Barbados: Job Losses

  7 April 2009

“In Barbados, the sense of fear expressed in public commentary about job losses has increased in recent weeks”: Both Barbados Underground and Living in Barbados blog about the ripple effects of the global economic crisis.

Barbados: How Many More?

  2 April 2009

“Last weekend, yet another Barbadian woman lost her life to domestic violence”: Cheese-on-bread! wants to know “how many more women are going to die before the authorities and all of us take this issue of domestic violence seriously.”