· November, 2009

Stories about Barbados from November, 2009

Barbados, Guyana: Doctor Complicit?

  21 November 2009

Barbados Underground suggests that the doctor who examined the minor brutalised by Guyana police “was complicit in the torture…the concealment of a crime against humanity and…he possibly committed obstruction of justice.”

Barbados: Mini Monaco?

  19 November 2009

Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground question the vision of the island being transformed into another Monaco.

Barbados: Crunch Time

  18 November 2009

“Barbadians have become alarmed at the prospect of having its investment paper perched at the brink of junk rating, a status most unfamiliar to Barbadians through the years”: Barbados Underground says it's economic “crunch time”!

Barbados, Jamaica: Corruption Perception

  18 November 2009

The 2009 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index is out and although Living in Barbados always takes the results “with a pinch of salt”, he notes that “greasing palms is unfortunately seen as a part of doing business worldwide.”

Barbados: Another Downgrade

  17 November 2009

“Barbados’ debt may be headed for the dread ‘junk’ status if it is downgraded another notch,” says Living in Barbados, adding: “To change things needs more than a shift in confidence. It needs policies that attack rapidly the size of the debt.”

Barbados, Jamaica: The Politics of Homosexuality

  17 November 2009

“In Barbados we have a long way to go regarding how as a country we want to deal with the issue of homosexuality”: Barbados Underground says “it would be unfortunate for some if we wait until the next general election” to start discussing…the societal changes to accept this group of...

Barbados: Police Officer Found Dead

  16 November 2009

“it is most regrettable when an officer or former officer of the law becomes a crime victim”: Keltruth Corp. is saddned to learn of the death of Barbados’ oldest surviving police officer.

Barbados, Jamaica: Focus on Flogging

  12 November 2009

“How to deal with discipline in a society is never easy,” says Living in Barbados, who adds that “Barbados is still working its way towards a wider acceptance that flogging is not the way to go.”

Barbados, Jamaica: Debt Downgrades

  8 November 2009

“Jamaica's government kicked up a terrific stink with Standard and Poor's (S&P) after the rating agency again downgraded the country's debt”: Living in Barbados wonders how “Barbados’ normally more polite and circumspect politicians” will react to more downgrades.

Barbados: Dead Man Walking?

  6 November 2009

Barbadian bloggers are all over the story of a man claiming “he woke up in the morgue of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital after being declared dead”: Barbados Free Press: “It would be nice if Barbados reporters started asking some questions instead of ingesting and regurgitating whatever garbage is tossed their...

Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados: Yuh Lie!

  6 November 2009

As Trinidad and Tobago's National Security Minister makes an inaccurate statement about the processing time for machine-readable passports, B.C. Pires is irritated that the media did not ask questions: “I’ve seen Trinidadians in action so I understand ‘boldfacity’. I don’t understand the people on the other side going along with...

Barbados: Whipping Boy

  4 November 2009

“We seem determined to deny our history, rather than learn from it. Why else would we, who have been so wounded by the whip, venerate it?” B.C. Pires puts in his two cents’ worth on the recent flogging of schoolchildren in Barbados.

Barbados: Do The Right Thing

  2 November 2009

“Even as we speak – the West Indies Cricket Board is planning its next step in the destruction of West Indies cricket”: From Barbados, B.C. Pires weighs in on the debate over who should lead the Windies cricket team.