· July, 2008

Stories about Barbados from July, 2008

Barbados: Setting Standards

  31 July 2008

As the government is granted a US$5 million International Development Bank loan to upgrade the national standards system, Barbados Free Press continues its call for standards to be adopted with regard to public accountability and transparency.

Barbados, Canada: Caribana Fever

  31 July 2008

“Wha happen Crop Over music from Crop-Over this year cant reach here? Dem waiting on steam boat to bring the tunes? Man this is internet era, download man download”: Barbadian diaspora blogger Jdid explains why he is not one to catch “Caribana Feva”.

Barbados, Venezuela: Staking a Claim

  30 July 2008

Notes From The Margin is monitoring the “strident” tone of an article in the Venezuelan media which deals with the South American country's claim of Barbados’ waters: “Barbados has little reason to take on Venezuela’s claims other than Venezuela has the means to aggressively enforce its claims on the area...

Barbados, Guyana: Guyanese Immigrants Shot

  28 July 2008

Following the shooting of two immigrants in Barbados, Living Guyana believes that Guyanese are being targeted, while Barbados Underground posts a statement from the Guyana Consul, which dismisses the notion that the “apparent bungled robbery…was a premeditated anti-Guyanese attack.”

Barbados, Anguilla: Integrity Legislation

  25 July 2008

“One of the major complaints against the new David Thompson administration in Barbados has been that, although it won power mainly by promising to do something about the entrenched corruption in the previous Owen Arthur administration, it had appeared to have forgotten the issue”: Corruption-free Anguilla reports that new integrity...

Barbados: Honest Politicians?

  23 July 2008

“There is a need for present day politicians to reclaim the trust of the people”: Barbados Underground wonders whether “it might be ‘moral character’ we need – in politics – even more than Integrity Legislation.”

Barbados, Cuba, U.S.A.: The Times Rejects Mc Cain

  22 July 2008

Caribbean blogs are irate over The New York Times‘ rejection of John Mc Cain's rebuttal to Barack Obama's recent editorial on Iraq: Babalu Blog: “Who the hell gave them the power to think they speak on behalf of my best interests?” Barbados Free Press: “As much as we support Obama,...

Barbados: Mottley Declares Assets

  11 July 2008

In the follow-up to Prime Minister David Thompson's first Budget Speech, Opposition Leader Mia Mottley declares her assets, becoming the first Barbadian politician to do so. De Standpipe and Bajan Global Report give the details of this surprise move.

Barbados: Trini Invasion

  11 July 2008

As Barbados gears up for its annual “Crop Over” carnival, Boyce Voice protests the inclusion of several Trinidadian performers as headliners in the festival's biggest event.

Barbados: Tourist Trap

  10 July 2008

Barbados Underground questions whether the increase in the cost of a visitor driving permit from $10 to $100 would harm the island's vital tourism industry.

Barbados: Tourism Threat?

  7 July 2008

Barbados Underground comments on a recent newspaper article headlined “No tourism threat from Trinidad”, and suggests the reality may soon be very different.

Barbados: Lonely Death

  4 July 2008

Barbados Underground draws attention to the plight of a woman who died at a US hospital this week. 49 year-old Esmin Green collapsed and died on the floor of a New York City hospital after waiting over an hour without receiving any help. BU asks whether this could happen in...