· October, 2012

Stories about Barbados from October, 2012

Barbados: “Modest” Proposals for Political Reform

  15 October 2012

Instead of adopting policies merely to “keep up” with the rest of the world, we need to adopt a system which enables for maximum prioritization in preemptive motioning for our country’s long term future. “Brudah Bim” offers some proposals to reform Barbados’ political system.

Barbados: Supporting Growth in Culture

  9 October 2012

The Concerned Creative Citizens Group expressed its concerns with a new bill in Barbados which is supposed to provide “incentives to encourage sustainable growth in the cultural sector” but may be more of a “revenue earner for the government,” and received a response from a Barbados Underground “family member”.

Barbados: Is Austerity The Way To Go?

  8 October 2012

So, we must ask again: Who is Fooling Whom? If government cuts back on health and education services there will be massive job losses. Sounds as if the BLP are suddenly embracing the astringencies of the IMF. Look how times have changed! At Barbados Underground, Stephen Williams is skeptical of the economic...