· February, 2008

Stories about Barbados from February, 2008

Barbados, Jamaica: Political Accountability

  29 February 2008

Living in Barbados thinks that the arrest of a former Jamaican Minister implicated in the Cuban lightbulb scandal “should shed light on what kind of government Bruce Golding is leading and what kind of democratic country Jamaica really is.”

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago: Regional FBI?

  26 February 2008

As the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago raises the question of a regional policing body, Barbadian blogger Notes From The Margin says: “When you look at the implications of a Caribbean Law Enforcement agency, it’s not as simple as it might appear at first blush.”

Barbados: Hair Them Out

  22 February 2008

“Why should these young men be barred from finishing their studies and leading productive lives because they made a hairstyle choice?”: Cheese-on-bread! blogs about the latest controversy in Barbados – students being banned from classes because of how they choose to wear their hair.

Barbados: Strike on Hold

  21 February 2008

Barbados Free Press reports that the national strike is on hold, while Notes From The Margin says: “We…always felt that the Union had painted itself into a corner by reaching for the ‘big gun’ prematurely. The lateness of this climb down also has several knock on effects that may be...

Caribbean: Castro – End of an Era?

  20 February 2008

The buzz in the regional blogosphere for the last 24 hours has undoubtedly been the retirement of Cuban leader Fidel Castro after nearly 50 years at the helm of the socialist republic. The announcement hardly came as a surprise, what with the last couple of years of anti-Castro bloggers closely following reports of the leader's deteriorating health and speculating as to whether or not he was even alive.

Barbados: National Strike?

  19 February 2008

As Barbados seems headed towards a national strike tomorrow, Cheese-on-bread! says: “Well, well. The last time I saw this level of adamance a whole Government fell.” Notes From The Margin adds: “National strikes are like atom bombs, they are great weapons to threaten with, but actually using them makes both...

Barbados: Music Industry

  12 February 2008

“What does it say about the Barbados ‘music industry’ if the most successful performer to emerge from the island simply bypassed the entire industry?” asks Notes From The Margin after Rihanna's first Grammy win.

Barbados: Traffic Solutions

  11 February 2008

“I do not believe that a country the size of Barbados, even with its high rate of car ownership, needs flyovers to deal with road congestion”: Living in Barbados has a few alternative suggestions.

Barbados: Arguing about Blogs

  6 February 2008

Following the publication of a Letter to the Editor in one of the Barbadian dailies, Living in Barbados is “in danger of getting angry. I do not want what I write and what I have seen most of the Barbadian blogs writing described as ‘putrid effluent’. That is an insult,...

Barbados: Ash Wesnesday

  6 February 2008

“Traditionally, people give up something for Lent, fast and pray a lot. In recent years we have tended to make Lent positive, by taking on a challenge”: Living in Barbados acknowledges the arrival of Ash Wednesday.

Barbados: CSME

  6 February 2008

Barbados Underground‘s “commenter analyst” examines the pros and cons of the Caribbean Free Market and Economy (CSME).