· September, 2010

Stories about Barbados from September, 2010

Barbados: Vigilante Victim Charged

  23 September 2010

The Bajan Reporter has an update on the incident in which an alleged pedophile was the recipient of vigilante justice, saying that the man “has been charged with rape of a Minor…Police will not even reveal the age of the girl involved.”

Barbados: Drug Smuggling

  22 September 2010

Bajan Global Report links to a mainstream media news item about arrests made in a multimillion pound drug ring, noting that this was the “2nd major cocaine drug haul in six weeks leaving Barbados airport.”

Barbados: Lives Lost & More

  21 September 2010

Cheese-on-bread! is still “recovering from the grief, anger and pain wrought on the entire island” by the fire-bombing of a clothing store that left six dead, saying: “We've lost our sense of security…our innocence is gone.”

Barbados: Charges Laid

  14 September 2010

Barbados Free Press reports that murder charges have been laid against two young men in the recent robbery/firebombing incident.

Barbados: Street Justice

  13 September 2010

The Bajan Reporter posts video of an alleged pedophile being subjected to a brand of vigilante justice, while Barbados Free Press wonders if the crowd’s action could be a symptom of a larger malaise.

Barbados: Times Have Changed

  7 September 2010

Diaspora blogger Jdid says of his country's recent tragedy: “The time has come to realize…that our small islands aren't what they were 20-30 years ago. Accept that and then maybe we can move in the right direction to fixing what is wrong.”

Jamaica, Barbados: Social Crisis

  7 September 2010

Grasshopper Eyes The Potomac thinks that the English-speaking Caribbean “is going through an immense social crisis” that centers around violent crime.

Barbados: Six robbed; left to die in fire

  6 September 2010

Barbados remains shell shocked today as it struggles with the reality that what local media are calling "a scene straight out of the drama series CSI" could happen in the relatively peaceful island. What appears to have started as a robbery turned into a murder scene as the suspects reportedly set the building ablaze before fleeing, leaving the victims trapped inside.