· September, 2007

Stories about Barbados from September, 2007

Barbados: STIs

  25 September 2007

Barbados Underground refers to an article which suggests that “Barbados maybe losing the battle against the spread of sexually transmitted infections among the youth.”

Barbados: Regional Connectivity

  24 September 2007

Living in Barbados asks: “Why is it that with a solid Caribbean regional network C&W cannot provide a simple, seamless, means of accessing services like voice mail within the region?”

Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados: Cover Controversy?

  20 September 2007

Caribbean Beat Blog reports that the cover of its magazine's latest edition, which features “Barbadian singer Rihanna draped on a purple couch in a provocative pose, looking over her shoulder straight into the camera” has turned out to be quite controversial for some readers.

Barbados: IMF Recommendations

  18 September 2007

Notes From The Margin weighs in on the Barbados/IMF Article IV Consultation: “At the heart of the IMF report is a difference of opinion. Is the Barbados Government being overly optimistic? Or is the IMF being overly conservative?”

Barbados: Blogs Breaking News

  17 September 2007

As the mainstream media in Barbados finally prints a controversial story that was initially broken by blogs, Barbados Underground writes: “We speak for the Blogosphere when we say that we are prepared to work with all media entities to ensure that pertinent issues are exposed for public consumption.”

Barbados: Net Neutrality

  13 September 2007

Notes From The Margin is concerned about the issue of Net Neutrality and how it affects the Caribbean: “For those of us on the outside of the US we could find ourselves as permanent second class citizens of the web.”

Barbados: Bajans Being Sidelined?

  11 September 2007

The Chinese Ambassador to Barbados, in an address to the Barbados South Rotary Club, explained that all Chinese workers on the island have work permits. Notes from the Margin thinks that he is missing the point.

Barbados, Jamaica: A Good Citizen

  11 September 2007

Following the controversy in Jamaica over the dual citizenship of certain successful electoral candidates, Caribbean Comment explores the idea of what it means to be a citizen.

Barbados, Jamaica: Documents Being Shredded?

  10 September 2007

Barbados Free Press reports that “the outgoing government of Portia Simpson-Miller has been shredding documents like mad before Bruce Golding and his Jamaica Labour Party take power.”

Barbados: Rihanna Wins

  10 September 2007

My Barbados Blog congratulates fellow Barbadian Rihanna “for winning the top MTV VMA award – Video of the Year – for her hit single Umbrella.”

Barbados, Grenada: Campaign Finance Reform?

  7 September 2007

“Grenada's ruling New National Party admitted they received campaign financing from a failed offshore bank but denied that the funds ever went directly to its leader,” writes The Bajan Reporter, as he details how the case increased pressure for the passing of legislation to govern campaign financing on the island.

Barbados: Crunching the Numbers

  7 September 2007

Pull! Push! breaks down the reality of Barbados’ national debt into “terms and figures that the average man or woman on the street can easily understand and appreciate.”

Barbados, Belize: Hurricane Felix a Cat 5

  3 September 2007

On learning that Hurricane Felix is now a Category 5 storm, Notes From the Margin writes: “Currently, things are not looking great for Honduras or Belize”, while Belize-y Livin’ says: “Felix will be the 2nd Category 5 hurricane to hit Belize in 2 weeks! Yikes! We already have 2,000 homeless...