· August, 2008

Stories about Barbados from August, 2008

Barbados: Obama's Speech

  29 August 2008

Barbados Underground says that Barack Obama “delivered a high impact speech” at the Democratic National Convention, while Bajan Global Report refers to a story that claims Barbados’ Prime Minister “is…the only high ranking Caribbean official invited to witness the historic first embrace of an African-American as Presidential candidate for a...

Barbados, Antigua: Digicel vs. Stanford

  28 August 2008

The Bajan Reporter is all over the story of telecommunications giant Digicel taking Allen Stanford to court “in order to protect its sole and exclusive rights as primary sponsor of West Indies cricket”. The West Indies Cricket Board insists “that the team that will play England on 1 November represents...

Barbados, Cuba: Broadcasting Meeting

  27 August 2008

Bajan Global Report reports on the Prime Minister's trip to Cuba to attend the 39th General Assembly of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union, an organization which supports and promotes high quality work of regional radio and TV entities – but Barbados Free Press calls it “irony defined”: “We are disappointed that...

Barbados: To Sign or Not To Sign

  26 August 2008

“The buzz issue in the Caribbean media in recent weeks is whether the CARIFORUM members will sign-on to the CARIFORUM/EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)”: Barbados Underground examines a few of the issues.

Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana: Winning Ways

  22 August 2008

“I feel that a lot of people misinterpreted Bolt's gestures, for innocent or malicious reasons. There may be more than one level of culture clash at work–race and class, being obvious, but also the aspirations and motivation of the modern athlete”: Living in Barbados takes no issue with Usain Bolt's...

Barbados, Jamaica, China: Mistaken Identity

  20 August 2008

A case of mistaken identity in China courtesy a newspaper that could not distinguish between images of Usain Bolt and Dwain Chambers – Barbadian blogger Jdid is not taking the mix-up lightly: “No distinct similarities except skin color you mean. The really sad thing about it is you know almost...

Barbados: Crop-Over Culture

  20 August 2008

Although the recent Crop Over celebrations were well attended, Barbados Underground thinks that should not be the only criterion for measuring success: “Cultural development and expression are important to the well being of any nation. While the fete element in Crop Over seems to be flourishing, we are concerned that...

Barbados, Antigua: Peter Pays for Paul?

  20 August 2008

Barbados Free Press is not convinced that the CARICOM arrangement is beneficial, referring to an article about the recent double-murder in Antigua to make their point: “The ‘Caribbean Brand’ for tourism…was a disastrous policy created…as part of the effort to prop up the pretense and phony benefits of CARICOM. According...

Grenada, Anguilla: Integrity Legislation

  20 August 2008

The new Grenadian Prime Minister announces his intent to “set up an Integrity Commission to ensure integrity in public life”. Corruption-free Anguilla comments: “If he is really serious, then one of the most corrupt, failed states in the West Indies may yet be turned around. If it is just empty...

Barbados: Environmental Management

  19 August 2008

“We don’t have much to sell to the tourists on this island except our natural beauty, and lately that beauty is becoming difficult to see with walls of condos blocking the seaview and garbage piles taking care of the rest of the island”: Taking a cue from Brazil, Barbados Free...

Jamaica: Woman Power!

  18 August 2008

Jamaica has done it again! If there was any doubt after Usain Bolt's 100m Gold Medal that this Caribbean nation is a powerhouse of Track and Field, the female Jamaican sprinters made sure to underscore the point by placing first (Shelly-Ann Fraser) second (Kerron Stewart) and...second (Sherone Simpson) in the final of the Women's 100m in Beijing.

Caribbean: Lightning Bolt Strikes Beijing

  17 August 2008

This post is going to be as long as Jamaican Usain Bolt's sprint to 100m-dash Olympic glory was short and ever-so sweet - because Caribbean bloggers still have not come down from the high that Bolt's amazing win has created.

Barbados: Pure Rubbish

  12 August 2008

“The image building that has been part of Barbados’ development has not had enough honest ‘look in the mirror and tell me what you see’ efforts. If it had, then Bajans would perhaps be appalled to see how dirty their country is”: Living in Barbados blogs about garbage creation and...

Barbados: Police Accountability

  11 August 2008

“A life full of promise and potential has been lost to us – both as a community and as a people”: Martial arts instructor Wayne Quintyne describes the I’Akobi Maloney he knew, while Barbados Free Press draws attention to another unresolved case of police brutality.

Barbados: Let the Games Begin

  8 August 2008

“Barbados had its flag raising ceremony on Wednesday…no mention of it was placed on the Barbados Olympic Association’s website. Why? Difficulties getting info from out of China. Yet I found links on the web on Jamaica and Cuba’s flag raising ceremonies”: Bajan Global Report thinks that “there is no reason...

Barbados, Jamaica: Nice Is as Nice Does

  7 August 2008

Living in Barbados maintains that the Smile Barbados campaign, aimed at “encouraging people to show greater respect for each other” is a failure – and goes on to relate his experiences at the airport, “which is the first and last port of call for many visitors. It's where…good and bad...

Barbados: Petition for Maloney

  4 August 2008

AfriKa CRY BLOOD, the blog created to promote awareness of the strange circumstances surrounding the death of Barbadian I’Akobi Maloney, reports that the boy's mother “wept openly in front of Prime Minister David Thompson and other Government officials” at the recent Emancipation Day celebrations, while onlookers “lined up to sign...

Guyana, Barbados: New Species Found

  4 August 2008

New rain forest species have been discovered in Guyana – Living Guyana links to the story, while Barbados Free Press makes tongue-in-cheek parallels between the world's smallest snake (which has been discovered in Barbados) and the country's politicians. Living in Barbados adds: “I'm very happy to play my part in...