· September, 2008

Stories about Barbados from September, 2008

Barbados, Jamaica, U.S.A.: Political Issues

  25 September 2008

Living in Barbados says that the recent battle for leadership in Jamaica's opposition party proves “that the overlapping values of candidates’ religion, race, gender, class, colour, speech, perceived intelligence and such personal characteristics–may play out in our little garden of politics at least as much as we think they do...

Barbados: Food Security

  24 September 2008

“Government needs to put together a strategic plan to respond to short, medium and long-term demands of the agricultural industry”: Barbados Underground is concerned about food security.

Barbados: Extortion Ring

  17 September 2008

“They stop tourist hired cars by standing in front of them. They inform the drivers that the road is closed, instruct them to drive another way and then demand money for the ‘assistance'”: Barbados Free Press calls on the police to clamp down on the Boscobel “Road Toll Gang”.

Barbados: War Games?

  12 September 2008

“The arrival of the Tu-160’s in Venezuela and the recent announcement that Russia will deploy its Northern Fleet to the Caribbean Sea to conduct joint exercises with the Venezuelan Navy has started to raise eyebrows…”: Barbados Underground wonders if war games are starting to be played out in the Caribbean.

Barbados: EPA

  11 September 2008

Living in Barbados is “at a loss to really understand the Economic Partnership Agreement” between the Caribbean and the European Union.

Cuba, Barbados, U.S.A.: Palin's Speech

  4 September 2008

While Cuban diaspora blogger Babalu is “still a bit in awe from Palin's speech last night”, Barbadian diaspora blogger Jdid says: “She tried to attack Obama on some trivial stuff that he's been attacked on before, she didn't break new ground and with her Tina Fey look and those weak...