· March, 2008

Stories about Barbados from March, 2008

Barbados: Rent vs. Buy

  28 March 2008

“I think it’s a relatively recent thing in Barbados for grown children to leave home and live on their own in a rented apartment/house,” writes Gallimaufry, as she links to an article “that busts the myths about renting vs. buying.”

Barbados: Archaic Laws

  27 March 2008

Barbados Free Press has heard of a woman “who was recently raped by her estranged husband – and our police say they are unable to lay charges because our laws are reflect a time when wives were owned by their husbands.”

Barbados: Atlantic Storm

  21 March 2008

Notes From The Margin reports that Barbados has had one fatality because of “huge waves generated by an Atlantic storm.”

Barbados: Riding the Waves?

  20 March 2008

Blogging from Barbados, Notes From The Margin reports that Eastern Caribbean territories are bracing for large waves as a result of “a deep low pressure centre that spawned tornadoes and thunderstorms across the US earlier this week.”

Barbados, USA: Spitzer

  13 March 2008

“From the time this Elliot Spitzer scandal broke I knew that I wanted to blog about it”: Barbadian blogger Jdid finally does.

Barbados: Blogging Blues

  11 March 2008

Barbados’ new government seems to have neglected its previously-active blog, which, according to Barbados Free Press, has left citizens feeling “as if we are waking up in the morning to find the DLP asking us, ‘What’s your name again, sweetheart?'”

Barbados, Venezuela: Petro Caribe

  10 March 2008

“We have often asked the question on this blog, ‘What is it that Chavez gets out of Petro Caribe?'”, writes Barbadian blogger Notes From The Margin: “Thankfully it seems that other people are asking the same question.”

Barbados: Promises Kept?

  9 March 2008

The new Prime Minister of Barbados is yet to implement his proposed Ministerial Code and has “made statements indicating that the promised ‘100 days’ deadline for integrity and freedom of information legislation may not happen” – Barbados Free Press says: “Should Prime Minister Thompson and the DLP Government continue down...

Barbados: Neighbours at War?

  6 March 2008

“In case you haven’t noticed, a few of our neighbours are making noises that sound very much like war”: Barbados Free Press wonders whether the Venezuela/Ecuador/Colombia issue will have an impact on Barbados.

Barbados: Cannabis Abuse?

  6 March 2008

Gallimaufry was “taken aback” to discover that the US State Department's 2008 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report ranks Barbados as the second highest abuser of marijuana in the region.