· August, 2007

Stories about Barbados from August, 2007

Barbados: Answers for Britton's Hill

  31 August 2007

Barbados Underground suggests that Barbados’ Chief Town Planner should provide some answers on the Britton's Hill tragedy: “It is not BU’s intention to engage in the blame game but we do subscribe to the notion that mistakes should be learned from and corrective steps adopted.”

Barbados: Two Bodies Recovered

  30 August 2007

Cheese-on-bread! compares the site of the Barbados apartment building collapse to a “ground zero”, while Barbados Underground and Barbados Free Press report that two bodies (mother and son) have been recovered thus far.

Barbados: Recovery Effort Continues

  29 August 2007

It's Day 4 of the recovery effort to find the victims of the apartment building collapse in Barbados. Barbados Underground says that a significant part of the day was “spent stabilizing and preparing the cave for the extraction of the bodies of the Codrington family presumed to be dead”, while...

Barbados: Apartment Building Collapses

  27 August 2007

Barbados Free Press, Barbados Underground and Pull! Push! all report on Barbados’ most recent tragedy – a young family feared dead after their apartment building collapsed into a cave.

Barbados, Jamaica: Rough Road Ahead?

  25 August 2007

“Jamaica was sailing along towards elections on August 27. Then, buddum! Nature, who has no votes, but often can be critical in how things turn out, wanted to have its say.” Caribbean Comment provides an analysis on how Hurricane Dean continues to affect Jamaican politics.

Barbados, Jamaica: Dean Winning Votes?

  24 August 2007

“Now taking advantage of disaster is a time honoured tradition amongst West Indian politicians,” writes Notes from the Margin, commenting on the impact Hurricane Dean may have on Jamaica's upcoming elections.

Barbados: Face and Fix It!

  23 August 2007

Cheese-on-bread! lists what she considers to be a few of Barbados’ pressing concerns and wonders whether her fellow Bajans have what it takes to face and fix them.

Barbados: Chinese Labour

  23 August 2007

“Our government has obviously made some agreements with the Chinese, but Bajans are still in the dark as to what has been promised and agreed to by whom.” Barbados Free Press tackles the controversial issue of immigrant labour on the island.

Barbados: Embracing Africa

  22 August 2007

Barbados is the venue for an African Diaspora conference that starts tomorrow – Caribbean Comment is all for the region forging links with Africa, but says: “Whatever we in the Caribbean may want to try, we will need to remember that African countries also have their own agendas.”

Barbados: What Blogging is About

  21 August 2007

“Blogs tend to respond quite fast to events as they develop…they seem to…fill a number of gaps in supplying information. I was fascinated to see what has happened to this site over the past week, as the hurricane season got a full head of steam.” Dennis Jones at Living in...

Barbados, Cuba: Castro Rumours

  20 August 2007

According to Barbados Free Press, the blogosphere is “going wild on ‘Castro Dead’ rumour”, while Blog For Cuba says, “If you want us to believe he's alive, prove it.”

Barbados, Jamaica: One Love

  20 August 2007

Gallimaufry reports that “The Anglican Church in Jamaica is proposing the addition of songs by Bob Marley and Peter Tosh to its hymnal.”

Barbados, Jamaica: The Politics of Dean

  20 August 2007

Barbados Underground thinks that Jamaica's political landscape could be affected in the aftermath of Hurricane Dean: “It will call for collaboration between the PNP anf JLP at a time when emotions are close to flash point.”

Barbados, Jamaica: Dean Moves On

  17 August 2007

Cheese-on-Bread gives a Hurricane Dean update from Barbados: “When I heard on the news…that the all clear had been given I was surprised, 'cause in St. Michael the wind was howling and the rain beating down”, while Jamaican Veiw says that “Hurricane Dean could be in Jamaica’s territorial waters by...

Caribbean: Bracing for Hurricane Dean

  17 August 2007

The Caribbean blogosphere is abuzz over the impending arrival of Hurricane Dean, the first official hurricane of the season: Steve's Dominica reports: “Dean will be passing over us around 6am on Friday. We'll start to feel the winds from midnight tonight…” Steve manages to venture out, however and posts a...