Stories about Aruba

PHOTOS: Humans of the Caribbean

  21 February 2014

Slices of life in the Caribbean brought to you by a group of regional photographers who, like many across the globe, were inspired by the Humans of New York project.

Caribbean: the meaning of identity

  7 November 2011

Creative Commess hosts a blog symposium “about Caribbean people, about West Indian people, about our contemporary experiences … ranging through race & identity to culture, mental health to constructs of beauty and more,” with contributions from seven Caribbean bloggers.

Latin America, Caribbean: Increase in Food Prices

  4 March 2011

Bloggings by Boz writes: “The FAO reports that February 2011 was a yet a new high on food prices. This has led to several warnings from organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean including ECLAC [Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean] and the IICA [Inter-American Institute for Cooperation...

Dominica: Fruit Cake

  27 October 2009

Dominica's Gourmet Global is getting ready for fruit cake season and posts a mouth-watering recipe!

Aruba: Election Results

  28 September 2009

“It's still sinking in. It was an incredible night. I'm fairly sure that this government is, at one point going to disappoint me, but today I'm very happy”: Arubagirl reports on the outcome of elections in her country.

Aruba: Quiet Election Season

  3 August 2009

“Could it be that the recession has hit the political parties and they're less inclined to print up flags and such? Are people still undecided and have therefore refrained from putting a sticker on their cars?”: Arubagirl notices that all is quiet on the election front.

Aruba, Suriname: Journey of Discovery

  20 July 2009

“It was so incredibly beautiful. The big trees rising from the gorges. The river flowing seemingly endless past the jungle…”: Arubagirl visits Suriname and posts some photos from her trip.

Aruba: Election Season

  21 May 2009

As Aruba gears up for this year's national elections, Arubagirl says: “I don't mind campaigns. What I do mind is that pronunciations made by politicians who are clearly campaigning are presented as ‘fact’.”

Bermuda, Curacao: G20 on Offshores

  3 April 2009

Vexed Bermoothes has been following the G20 Summit and notes that “Bermuda is on the greylist of 39 ‘jurisdictions that have committed to the internationally agreed tax standard, but have not yet substantially implemented'”, while Karel's Legal Blog is pleased that “The Netherlands Antilles and Aruba do not appear on...

Dominican Republic: Upset at World Baseball Classic by Dutch Team

  11 March 2009

The 2nd edition of the World Baseball Classic tournament is underway and features Major League baseball players representing traditional baseball powers like the the Dominican Republic whose roster was filled with professional All-Star talent. The tournament also features countries with less tradition playing this sport, such as the Netherlands, who pulled off two improbable victories over the Dominican team eliminating them from the competition.

Aruba: Calling the Socialists

  26 February 2009

“Some Arubans are also affected because they invested in Stanford's company and are now, as we say in quaint Dutch, sitting with the baked pears”: Arubagirl examines her government's reaction to the Allen Stanford story and wonders where all the socialists have gone.

Aruba: Putting on the Ritz-Carlton?

  19 February 2009

The Ritz-Carlton hotel chain is apparently in Aruba to stay, causing Lost in Smallness to exclaim: “Does the government realize that this will put extra pressure on our infrastructure? Oh wait. It's an election year. This is just a campaign stunt, not necessarily something to improve the island.”

Aruba, U.S.A.: Battleground State?

  3 November 2008

Arubagirl makes a shopping trip to Florida, “a state that is a battleground in this election, as they call it,” and comes away asking: “Is this how an election is in the States? Where a 30 min INFOMERCIAL was the big news? Oy.”

Aruba: Rain, Rain, Go Away

  16 October 2008

Tropical storm Omar is giving Arubagirl a hard time: “I want the rain to stop, damnit. This storm has a HELL OF A LOT OF WATER. I know it's only an eyeless cat 1 hurricane, but good God, it feels like it wants to drown us in rain.”