· June, 2009

Stories about Barbados from June, 2009

Caribbean, USA: Tributes to the “King of Pop”

  26 June 2009

Despite the controversy which plagued him for the latter part of his eccentric life, the sudden and unexpected death of American-born entertainer Michael Jackson, dubbed "The King of Pop", has touched millions of people around the world - and the Caribbean is no exception. Regional bloggers pay their respects...

Jamaica, Barbados: Updates on H1N1

  26 June 2009

Yardflex.com says 19 Jamaicans have been infected with the H1N1 virus, while Barbados Underground cautions that Swine Flu can't be blamed for everything.

Barbados: Aquaponics

  16 June 2009

“Aquaponics is the new way to farm”: Barbados Underground blogs about “its potential to feed Barbadians and at the same time [be] the ideal model for food security.”

South Africa: Trailer of the film “Prodigal Son”

  11 June 2009

Leo Africanus writes posts a video of the movie “Prodigal Son”: The trailer for “Prodigal Son,” a film by Kurt Orderson, a South African director, who sets out to retrace his great-grandfather’s journey from Barbados (he was a merchant sailor ) to Cape Town at the beginning of the 20th...

Barbados: Multiculturalism

  5 June 2009

“Ultimately, both the concern that multiculturalism damages a political landscape and the concern that multiculturalism leads to volatile social conditions boil down to the question of integration”: Zak Rose, guest blogging at Bajan Dream Diary, examines whether immigration fears in Barbados are a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Jamaica, Barbados: H1N1 Cases

  4 June 2009

Jamaica's Girl With a Purpose and Barbados’ Cheese-on-bread! and Bajan Dream Diary report on the islands’ first cases of the H1N1 virus.