· March, 2009

Stories about Barbados from March, 2009

Barbados: Animal Cruelty

  30 March 2009

Barbados Free Press republishes a letter from an “irate hiker” whose group discovered the body of a dog that was hanged from a tree: “The RSPCA was notified. Their response was ‘write a letter to the newspapers’. Where is the the ‘Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ in such a response?...

Barbados: Moving On Up?

  27 March 2009

“Will Barbados’ proposed housing developments be part of an economic and social package that is geared to give people a better standard of living?”: Living in Barbados questions the wisdom of high-rise developments on the island.

Trinidad & Tobago: SEA of Fools?

  26 March 2009

“The children of Trinidad & Tobago are this morning sitting the dreaded SEA (Secondary Entrance Assessment) exam that replaced the even-more-dreaded 11-Plus”: Barbados-based B.C. Pires shares his thoughts.

Barbados: Suspect Named

  26 March 2009

“Further media details indicate that the suspect is a 24 year old man. Apparently, the man was found with a camera, jewelry and an imitation firearm”: Bajan Dream Diary links to mainstream media articles that provide details about the suspect in the Terry Schwarzfeld murder.

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago: Don't Worry, Be Happy

  23 March 2009

“When a really uptight person marries another who is way laidback, we who attend the wedding always make the optimistic assumption that the uptight person will learn to relax a little bit – but it often pans out the other way around”: Barbados-based B.C. Pires thinks that “on that basis,...

Barbados: BNB & CLICO

  23 March 2009

Living in Barbados republishes a piece by a Bajan economist which suggests that the government's repurchasing of the Barbados National Bank may not be the best solution to the CLICO situation.

Barbados: Impact on Tourism

  23 March 2009

“Although we applaud the current Minister of Tourism…for taking the bold step to restructure the Barbados Tourism Authority Board, what purpose will it serve if we have a tarnished brand to sell?”: Barbados Underground is concerned about the future of the island's tourism sector.

Barbados: Nature Sanctuary Issue

  20 March 2009

Barbados Free Press believes that the Prime Minister's “million-dollar support” for the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary “is a ploy…there is no dispute that the Thompson DLP Government intends to develop the lands around Graeme Hall.”

Barbados: Tourism's Future

  20 March 2009

“A real need exists for tourism to have a clearer image and for it to be a beacon that pulls many parts of the economy along”: Living in Barbados wonders about the future of the island's tourism offering.

Global: Bubbles, Bailouts and Stimulus Plans

  18 March 2009

Identifying the economic woes of the United States is crucial. But we should also understand that other countries are also grappling with bankrupt companies and shrinking economies. Many countries are also implementing their own stimulus plans. What are some of the examples used by bloggers around the world when they discuss the bubble economies, bailout of banks and stimulus plans of their countries?

Barbados: Crime Threat

  16 March 2009

Living in Barbados thinks that “it is full time for crime stopping to be taken seriously here”, while Barbados Underground adds: “Barbados like tourist dependent destinations cannot afford to experience a rise in any illegal activity targeted at tourists especially given the prevailing global economic condition.”

Barbados: Music Man

  12 March 2009

“It saddens me that such a gifted man is nothing more than a footnote in the history of music in Barbados”: Cheese-on-bread! marks the 39th anniversary of the death of Dalton Sinclair ‘Jackie Opel’ Bishop.

Barbados, Jamaica: Homophobia?

  11 March 2009

Living in Barbados gets candid about Jamaica's “uncompromisingly hostile attitude towards homosexuality”, saying: “The bottom is not falling out of Jamaica because of gays.”