· July, 2007

Stories about Barbados from July, 2007

Barbados: A Time for Answers?

  31 July 2007

“We have six people dead and, if the talk is true, more than a few others who are barely holding on.” In the wake of the island's tragic bus crash, Barbados Free Press writes, “Barbados deserves answers and the truth, but for now let’s mourn and pray…”

Barbados: Nation Grieves for Bus Crash Victims

  30 July 2007

A tragic bus accident which claimed the lives of six Barbadians as they made their way to the Crop Over Party Monarch Finals prompts Barbados Free Press, Barbados Underground and Notes from the Margin to extend their sympathy to a grieving nation.

Barbados, Jamaica: Let's Talk About Voting

  28 July 2007

With elections facing the nation possibly as early as October, Barbados Free Press wants to stimulate discussion on the voting process, while Living in Barbados says, “Spending a few days in Jamaica right now is interesting” as the island gears up for elections on August 27.

Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados: Harry Potter Launch

  23 July 2007

“It’s only after he puts on the pair of round fake-Italian sunglasses with the slightly reflective lenses that I realise that the figure in the purple cape I’d seen earlier lurking sheepishly near the self-help section is meant to be Harry.” Caribbean Free Radio posts an entertaining piece on the...

Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados: Globalising Soca

  20 July 2007

News of the upcoming release of Barbadian singer Alison Hinds’ new album has Caroline at Caribbean Beat Blog worried “about the way our music, our people, our artists are represented, misrepresented, or not represented at all in this new push to ‘globalise’ soca.”

Barbados: Blog Gag Order?

  19 July 2007

Barbados Underground learns that that a gag order has allegedly been imposed on government ministers who have been interacting with the public via certain blogs.

Barbados: Egret Colony Under Threat

  18 July 2007

Barbados is home to the first colony of Little Egrets in the New World – as Gallimaufry hears news that it is under threat, she wonders: “Why have I not yet visited the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary?”

Caribbean: West Indies Cricket Board Elections

  17 July 2007

“You might think that the position is so blighted that no one wants it, or you may think it just odd that only one name apiece was tossed into the circle for the posts of president and vice-president of the West Indies Cricket Board.” Vaneisa Baksh at CaribbeanCricket.com weighs in...

Barbados: Losing Tourists to Dubai?

  13 July 2007

As Barbados Free Press identifies Dubai as the island's new tourism competitor, it also examines some of the challenges Barbados faces: “Barbados Tourism has suffered from an identity crisis. We don’t know what we want to be anymore and our messages to the world reflect this confusion.”

Barbados: Victims’ Rights

  11 July 2007

On hearing news that the sentences for certain criminals that have been deemed “unconstitutional”, What crazy looks like wonders who is campaigning for victims’ rights?

Barbados: Slave Trade Reparations

  11 July 2007

“The continuing talk and research…are really only the pate and champagne before the main course – which is…how much money can we squeeze from the European Union and Britain during this round of talks?” Barbados Free Press wonders whether slavery reparation funds are being properly utilized by the Barbadian government.

Barbados: Welfare of Chinese Workers

  10 July 2007

Barbados Free Press wonders whether the island's imported Chinese labourers are being fairly treated: “Forget about the fact that they are taking Bajan jobs. The Chinese workers should be entitled to all the fundamental human rights that we would want for any fellow human being.”

Barbados: HIV Testing for Clergy?

  9 July 2007

The president of the Barbados Evangelical Association‘s call for all members of the clergy to be tested openly for HIV/AIDS has caused quite a stir. Gallimaufry says, “If you’ve been keeping your zip up, then you should have no worries about your HIV status…as a leader of a spiritual community...

Barbados: Weather Watch

  9 July 2007

Barbados Free Press hopes that the depression heading towards the island will be nothing to be concerned about, but advises Barbadians to be prepared…just in case.

Barbados: CARICOM Summit Update

  4 July 2007

“Barbados recently chose to import 100 construction workers from China rather than allowing trades to come from other CARICOM nations.” Barbados Free Press, reporting on the CARICOM Summit, calls this decision “the elephant in the room”.