· July, 2011

Stories about Barbados from July, 2011

Barbados: Legal Battle over Wetlands

  21 July 2011

Barbados Free Press recounts the falling out between a Canadian philanthropist and the government over the latter's alleged action of “dumping raw sewerage into the Graeme Hall wetlands and other violations of various treaties and agreements”, saying: “The truth is that Peter Allard has been a better friend to ordinary...

Barbados: Murdoch Madness

  20 July 2011

“Who say recession not hitting dem big multi-millionaire/billionaire fellas an dem ain't tightening dem belt like de small man? Even a media mogul like Murdoch cut back and now he wife doubling as bodyguard. See that is how the rich duz stay rich, ‘im have the woman multitasking”: Diaspora blogger...

Barbados: REDJet in T&T

  19 July 2011

On learning that REDJet has finally been approved to provide service out of Trinidad and Tobago, B.C. Pires says: “[It is] going to be good for everyone who thought something was wrong, somewhere, if it cost about the same to fly from Trinidad to Barbados as from Trinidad to New...

Barbados: Questioning the CCJ

  6 July 2011

“Since the court was established to service 14 member states and now only services three, it would appear that [since] the [Caribbean Court of Justice]…is not over burdened, it would be able to take time and deliver well researched and well reasoned decisions”: Barbados Underground takes issue with the findings...